oh, and happy easter!

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happy easter!{the mini duckling duckie}

oh, and happy easter! i'll be taking tomorrow off in honor of good friday but want to wish each of you a joy filled weekend with yummy food and time spent with family! our move date is this weekend (AH!) so we'll be on the road and unpacking for a few days. i've got several super-awesome guest posts lined up for you for the beginning of next week, and i'll be back either on wednesday or thursday- writing to you from our new humble abode!

a little easter verse! "Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.." John 11:25-26

love and light to you! xox, bonnie

1/2 off garage sale!

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yard sale
hi friends! are you tired of me posting about our garage sale yet? well, i've got good news. this will be the last time!

our big move is this weekend, which means EVERYTHING MUST GO! take 50% off all items (excluding furniture). go ahead, take a looksies! sale ends tomorrow!

happy {almost} earth day!

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earth day

did you know that tomorrow is earth day? it might be my most favorite holiday! in honor of our mother earth, i put together a little collection of eco-friendly handmade goodies.

clockwise: organic orange chocolate chip cookies (yes, please!), organic french macaroons, organic green tea, recycled cloud earrings, recycled half diamond pillow, bamboo sweet tea ruffles dress

in other noteworthy earth day news:

- plan an earth day party
- shop eco friendly goodies
- read about earth's embrace
- check out this print: everyday is earth day!

do you have plans for earth day? xox

the moutain

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yesterday i had the pure joy of discovering the mountain (via altmix) by terje sorgjerd. filmed just earlier this month on spain's highest mountian, the views are nothing less than breathtaking. i've never seen the milky way galaxy this way before, and his time lapse movies come together in an absolute brilliant way. after seeing this video, i explored many of his others and none of them disappoint. from the aurora borealis to the market in bangkok. i think you'll enjoy exploring his world today: facebook, twitter, vimeo.

funny folks

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Aled Lewis's
aled lewis

aled lewis
aled lewis
aled lewis
aled lewis

i needed a good laugh this morning, so finding aled lewis's work on my stroll around blogland (found via august empress) this morning was just perfect! i think each one of his hilarious prints cracks me up more than the last. you can see more of his work in his gallery and on flickr. have fun browsing!

peaceful purples

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purple pleasures

hello, friends! happy monday. :) did you have a good weekend? we were busied by trying to get things ready for the move, and had several people dropping in to look at and pick up some of our furniture. it feels kind of funny to see it go out the door! we were also sure to make time for a few friends, we are going to miss so many of them once we move! we are a wee bit overwhelmed with our to do list- but i think we'll be able to pull it all together.

so just in case you're having a hectic monday (i hope you're not!), i thought a few peaceful purples might help soothe and relax you. take a deep breath.. do you feel better?

images from polly eltes, originally discovered on lovely clusters.