happy weekend!

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mother's day

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here is to sending love and light to mom's everywhere. we are blessed to have you in our lives and thankful for all that you do for us. you are all beautiful. :)

have a lovely weekend! i'll be working on several projects around the house, but will hopefully start showing you some things that i've been up to next week!

xox! bonnie

the mom’s blog!

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speaking of quilting moms, is my mom. you've met her before, but just recently she started her very own blog! i think you'll enjoy it.

a stitch in time is all about nurturing creativity and inspiration. she posts diy tutorials, videos, free patterns, reviews books and more! you can learn how to tie a quilter's knot, meet her backyard chickens (some of them used to be mine!) and even see her beautiful pincushion collection. my all time favorite diy that she's shared was this tutorial on how to cover furniture with fabric (like the stepping stool above). not to be biased, but i think my mom is pretty awesome. you can visit her new etsy shop, facebook fan page and even follow her on twitter. you go, mom. i love you!

a wisconsin mom

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happy friday, friends! mother's day is this weekend (don't forget!) and so i've decided to dedicate today's posts to mom's everywhere. first up, i would like you to meet someone: a wisonsin mom.

it's been my absolute pleasure to have my friend julia stay with me this week as she house hunts in the area. the mister has been gone for some bike races, so having company has been so lovely! soon after we got to talking, i found out that her mom is an avid reader of ghtr (cue melting heart) and that she's also an avid quilter. so this is for you, lori- SURPRISE! aren't her quilts beautiful? inspired by the earthy tones that surround her in the backwoods of wisconsin, her quilts take on a very natural feel that seems so cozy. so here's to you lori, happy mother's day from julia and i, and keep up the beautiful work!


LABELS: what do they all mean? part 1.

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LABELS. they are everywhere, yet there still needs to be more. they can be overwhelming, confusing and even misleading! today i'm going to introduce several labels that you should keep an eye out for and support. next week we'll discuss some that can be a little misleading, or confusing. are you ready?


organic. certified by the us department of agriculture to meet standards that don't allow the use of most conventional pesticides, genetic engineering, and routine use of antibiotics and growth hormones in livestock. visit the usda website to learn more.


labels. what do they all mean?

fair trade. fair trade partnerships seek to offer better trading conditions to, and secure the rights of, marginalized producers and workers, especially in developing counties. certification by the fair trade labeling organization international guarantees that a product's fair trade claims have been independently audited and verified.



labels. what do they all mean?

local. there are no consistent standards for use of the term, which may refer to a region, a state or the immediate ridgeline or watershed. it may also be applied to product that are made locally but of imported ingredients.

labels. what do they all mean?


clean. foods certified by organizations like scientific certification systems to have met voluntary standards in one or more areas of potential concern, including pesticide residues, food pathogens, industrial contaminants and heavy metals, and food safety procedures and practices throughout the food supply chain.

labels. what do they all mean?


fair labor. currently two organizations certify safe and fair ag labor practices in the u.s.: scs certified and safe ag employer. criteria include equitable hiring, and employment practices, safe workplace conditions, workers right to organize, worker housing, child labor, and access to health, education and transportation services.




sustainable. sustainable food certification programs address an array of social and environmental issues that go beyond 'organic', including safe and fair working conditions, healthy and humane care for livestock, reduced pesticide use, reduced water and non-renewable energy use, and enhanced soil health. visit the food alliance to learn more.

simple living

paper ephemera

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p&c paper goods

i've always loved pretty paper goods. we used to cut out paper snowflakes as a kid and draw our own cards for special occasions. i think having art supplies and paper on hand growing up really instilled in me a love for cards, stickers and stamps. present and correct brings out the kid in me and gets me all giddy-for-paper-goodies, from their wood grains to graphing lines! i think you'll especially like these rubber stamps and this paper weaving card.

mother’s day gift ideas

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row 1: sterling bell flower earrings; $68. birds of america book plate; $1.

row 2: heron mineral eye shadow; $4.99. whisk print; $20.

row 3: hydrangea necklace; $110. mini creamer; $14. yarn bowl; $32.

row 4: chalk pots; $9.99. personalized heart necklace; $115.

a dreamland of embroidery

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i keep spotting jillian tamaki's work around blogland (first spotted here) and fell in love with these darling book covers instantly. she embroidered three of them as covers to some upcoming penguin classic books. all three will be released this fall, and i'm not sure how anyone could resist picking these beauties up. awesome work, jillian!

a dreamland of embroidery