reddoll fashion

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red doll fashion
red doll fashion
really? the talent i find in the handmade arena never ceases to completely amaze me. these gorgeous gowns are handmade by tatyana merenyuk- a new york based ukrainian designer.  aren't they stunning? some would be perfect for a big event (going to the red carpet, anyone?) while others are just sweet enough for a summer cocktail party. visit the reddoll shop to see more, or visit her website for the full collection.

inbox inquiry: organic hair care

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inbox inquiry
hello, lovelies! today we have an inbox inquiry from katie henderson about organic hair care products. see my advice below and share your own advice in the comments section!

inbox inquiry

hi katie! i have curly, frizzy hair as well. AH! i have a few recommendations for you (see below) but more than just guide you to a specific product, i wanted to share with you a list of ingredients that i avoid at all costs. that way, you can take the list with you into the store and find several different products that you can feel good about purchasing and using!

below you'll find my pocket resource guide for which ingredients to avoid. you will be able to find products that are free from these ingredients, you'll just have to look for them. you can try at your local store, but a better bet would be to head to a health food store. but remember, just because it's in a health food store, doesn't mean it's good for you! always double check the ingredients. you can click on the picture below to download a pdf format, with three different sizes in it choose from. i just keep a copy in my wallet for easy access at the store!
ingredients to avoid

click to download the "ingredients to avoid" pocket guide! (you'll have three sizes to choose from.)

now, the discussion on ingredients in general, is a whole different topic in itself (of which we won't go into today), but you can either take my word for it, or research the following links to learn more:

-skin deep- a great website where you can enter an ingredient to learn more about it. they also have a wonderful what not to buy, a must read!
-body care from mother love
-organic consumers association

some of the products that i've found to 'fit the bill' have come from the companies listed below. however, you still need to double check the ingredients, as not all of the products from these companies necessarily apply.

-earth science
-burt's bees
-say yes to carrots

the best rule of thumb is to only purchase products that contain ingredients that:
a) you can pronounce
b) you would eat (you know like grapeseed oil, root extract, etc)

do you have any favorite organic (or otherwise responsible) hair products you like? do share in the comments section!

the haunted hollow tree

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the haunted hollow tree

mother, crafter, painter, blogger, pyrographer. lauren from the haunted hollow tree is a mutli-talented gal and her work shows it. i love the feeling her art gives me, one of whispering neutrals and serene scenes. i decorated my last home in whites, beiges, browns and neutrals and i find myself missing the palette deeply. i think one of lauren's paintings would have looked lovely hanging on the wall.

the art of action

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do you have a dream? i know you do. we all do. i have some so big that i've never even shared them with you. dreams can be scary, right? what if i can't do it? what will people think? how do i even get started?

that's where the art of action comes in.

if you've followed tara gentile and scoutie girl for very long, you know she's a master of action. she takes her dreams and turns them into realities. quickly!

the art of action
after reading so many of your stories from the do what you love giveaway, i can tell so many of us are struggling to get started on our big dreams. you've been laid off from work, don't like your job, or are just too tired from it when you get home to even think about your dreams.

there's an art to action, and a way to accomplish your goals, one step at a time. that's exactly what tara's goals are for the art of action. it's an e-course where you'll learn step by step how to act on you big dreams and goals in life, and put them into action.

"Your big dream is your art. Your idea, a brushstroke on canvas. Together, we will set up your easel, get out your paints, ready your brushes, and begin." - Tara Gentile

the art of action
it's all about execution. the art of action will help you put what you learn into practice. it will help you define your goals, finalize your concepts, and move forward.

it will help bring your dreams into reality.

the art of action tara gentilevisit the art of action to learn more, get inspired and register today. spots are limited!

i'll see you in class!

xo, bonnie

missed connections

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you know i love a good story. i think you'll enjoy this one:

sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
sophie blackall
these paintings are by the amazing artist, sophie blackall and are part of her missed connections project. it's an ongoing series of paintings based on real, anonymous messages posted online by lovelorn strangers, and i can't help but get my heart strings all wrapped up in them.

omm writer

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hello, friends! i have to share with you my latest discovery (via tara gentile). in fact, i'm writing to you from it right now! it's the most amazing program for writers, bloggers and those of you who just want to focus while you work. as tara puts it, omm writer turns your computer screen into a low contrast, high focus zen wonderland of creative flow.

with options for different backgrounds, texts, writing sounds, saving options and music choices, it really does create an exceptionally concentrative space. i like the zen music so much, i've found myself leaving it to play while i'm around the house, or even eager to practice some yoga to it! just watch the video above to see what i mean.

right now, i have twelve tabs and about 4 programs running on my computer. how many do you have? normally, while i'm trying to write or focus, my eyes are always jumping between my twitter and e-mail inbox bar, or i'm being notified that someone just came or went online via skype.

serisouly? it's an overload.

how am i supposed to get anything done? i can't believe i have accomplished anything before now (at least in a timely matter) without omm writer. i have a feeling it's going to increase my productivity ten fold. i find that it calms me down and helps me escape from the craziness that is today's online world. it helps me focus tremendously.

omm writeromm writer offers a free version or their latest version, in which you decide the price you want to pay for it. how yogic! i'm in love.

sponsor welcome and giveaway: do what you love e-course

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do what you love e-course
are you doing what you love? that's the question that beth asks you in her new online adventure- the do what you love e-course. it will take you step-by-step on a path to discovering your true passion and finding a way to make it a greater part of your everyday life. and the best part of all? she has one place to give away, worth £69! beth believes that the world would be a better place if more people were doing what they loved. and i agree.

here's how you enter the giveaway!

visit this blog post to read more about this fabulous e-course, then return here to tell us why you think you would benefit from the course at this particular point in your life in the comments section. you have until sunday, febraury 27th to enter. a winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on monday, february 28th. good luck!

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pretty packaging: knot and bow

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knot & bow pretty packaging

what is it about a pretty package that gets me all excited inside? there's just something about dolling up a gift with strings and bows and everything beautiful to make it extra special for the person you're giving it to. i love the collection of gift-wrapping-goodies that knot & bow have to offer, everything from pretty doilies to mini clothespins. hop on over to their shop to discover all the ways you can make your packages all the more prettier!