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thanks to the lovely Ez over at creature comforts, i discovered the new e-magazine, utterly engaged.  of course, it suits the engaged wonderfully, but i think it can be interesting and a huge source of inspiration for those of us who are pre or post the engaged stage in our life!  today, i'm bringing you a weekend diy project of these adorable napkin rings.  simple, easy and oh so classy..

napkin ring4

napkin rings 5

napking rings 2napkin rings3

what do you think, do you like them?  make sure to leave comments and e-mail pictures if you get crafty this weekend, i would love to see and share your photos- have a lovely weekend!


  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite some time! Thanks for posting it. :)

  • What a great project – so simple & cute, plus really easy to customize. I’d like to make these just to use for special dinners (or whenever I feel like being different, which is often).

  • I made these many years ago! It’s fun to see them again.

  • So fun and I love the recycling aspect of it!

  • This is a great project! I have been looking for an inexpensive way to make napkin rings for a while…thank you!

  • OOO! I totally want to post a link to this on my blog! :) I have been wanting napkin rings for years, but keep refusing to pay for them: this is SO cute and the perfect idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • I am wondering why you put a fancy piece of ribbon on the INSIDE of the napkin ring?????

    • hello crafty lady, it looks like they attached ribbon on the inside on the rings to finish off the raw edges that were glued. guests will see the inside of the ring, and this will help it look more professional.

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