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young house lovehi lovelies!  thanks to my wonderful and dear kate altmix, young house love has become my latest love in the blogosphere.  it's a blog dedicated to two young people falling in love with their first house.  the diy projects and decorating skills leave you nothing short of inspired- and enthused to do some of your own projects (i just bought in a $5 thrift table yesterday with a fresh coat of pain already picked out!).  enjoy these before and after pics and then head on over to their blog to check out the endless supply of wonderful diy how to's.










after (that's my favorite)


  • I’ve been reading their blog for a few months now and am always delighted to see what they do next. It is great evidence that ANY place can look great, you just have to start with a vision and follow-through.

  • What a beautiful blog! Thanks for turning me onto it Bonnie.

  • oh my my goodness! This is great!!! You have a lovely home! I am inspired!


  • Ranch houses can be so dowdy – I am LOVING the chicness that they’ve done this one over with!!

    • yes. david and i call them ‘ranch-burgers’. it so inspires me to know that ranch-burgers have hope (especially since that seems to be all there is in our price range)!

  • I can appreciate their hard work. We have a rambler we’ve been remodeling for 3 years. Thanks for introducing me to this site! I look forward to their renovating tips!

  • Oh my goodness, that blog is definitely getting added to my list of ones to read when I have a chance. I’m currently working on remodeling my 2nd house… first with the hubby, who does not find it as thrilling and I do :)

  • spectacular !!

    i never would have thought to paint the bricks around the fireplaces – and what a difference it makes !! totally softens the look of the room.

    another thing i noticed in the living room was how you swapped the color on the walls and trim. instead of white walls and cream trim you went to cream walls and white trim… makes the place much less stark but it’s not too much of a statement.

    this is so inspiring. great work.

  • Bonnie thanks for posting these and the link! I’m already in live with the ideas and looks they have achieved. :-)

    • hey meredith! thanks! so glad to hear from you- hopefully we will see you very soon!

      xox, bonnie

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