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happy monday dear ones!  we're kicking off this week with one of my before and after projects- then make sure to check back later today for some sweet cyber monday deals!


i found this poor pitiful chair sitting in the corner of one of my favorite thrift stores.  so, i paid $5 for her and brought her home!  after a nice coat of primer and a fresh coat of yellow paint- below is what she had in store for me!


i couldn't tell it at first, but i when i started to remove that drab burgundy cover- i found a whopping 9 covers that previous owners had just stapled on top of each other.  and, they were all really gross.  so one by one, i got down to the wooden board.  i replaced their 'cushion' with some batting of mine and simply stapled the cover to the underside.  after i got all the covers off- it only took me about 10 minutes to actually recover it!  now it sits in my sewing room and is perfect at my machine.  so bright and cheerful!


  • giiiirl, this is totally awesome! i need you to take me thrift store-ing and guide my purchases with your creativity!

    • haha i can do that- just name the date!

      xoxo, bon

  • It’s a wonderful makeover! I adore yellow!!

  • Swoon! Love the yellow color you chose. :) Doesn’t look like a very tall chair – what are you going to use it for?

    • hey victoria! yes, it’s kinda wide and slightly short- but really the back board makes it look shorter than it is. it is actually a perfect fit for my sewing table!

      i’m pretty short though (5’3″) so i guess that doesn’t hurt (lol). great to hear from you!

  • Ooh, super-cool chair! Love that sunny yellow!

  • Love love love it! And 9 layers…yick! hope you wore gloves (shudder)!

  • what a pretty looking chair :)

  • love it – the style, the fabric…lovely!

    5’3″ – me too…buying a new pair of jeans: $70…getting them tailored so they don’t hang past feet: $15…being able to use chair above: priceless :)

    • haha- jes- you are priceless! love* love*

  • Super cute! I love yellow and it suits that chair perfectly.

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