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stocking 9

hi lovelies! here's another one of my holiday diy projects!  first of all, please excuse the not-so-great photos- my camera is getting worked on right now so i'm having to 'make do'!

stocking 1

i used wool felt for this project- i love felt because it doesn't fray and it's so easy to work with!  i cut out three stockings by tracing the outline of an older stocking i had lying around.


next, i cut out the embellishments.  the first is the most difficult so i explain that one a bit more below.

-cut the toe and heel by tracing from the coordinating stockings so they match up.

-cut the bone or other applique in contrasting fabric (i traced mine from the computer screen after searching for 'dog bone').

-to make the ruffles: cut four white strips 2" x 10" each.  pin each of the four strips in ruffles, by folding and pinning, folding and pinning.  once pinned in place, sewing one line at the top is quick and easy!


for the snow stocking- i cut the snow pattern out by hand.  i didn't use a pattern, but rather just went with whatever felt right!  after the cutting is complete, pin it to the wrong sides of your stocking (bottom left picture).  after you sew it to the top (bottom right picture), you'll sew around your stocking and then fold the snow down and over the top.

to sew the stockings, i just top stitched around both the toe and heel as well as the stocking itself, so no inside out and turning to mess with!

does all this make sense? sorry if my instructions are a little haphazard!  leave any questions in the comment area and i'll be sure to help!


  • Ah Felt! The beauty of not having to finish the edges! LOVE the snow edging, genius!

  • Hi Bonnie,

    These are adorable! I love making felt stockings and other fun crafts. Really nice designs. I love the ruffled one at right.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Those are fabulous! Love the ruffled one!

  • These are too cute!! AND how easy!!

  • VERY good tutorial!

  • Beautiful stockings! I love your subtle colour palate. You’ve inspired me to make my own next year.

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