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holiday diy magazine wreath

hi dearies! look at what i made this weekend!  a quick and easy magazine wreath that was so fun to make. you could use lots of different materials to give it a different look too- old sheet music, pages from a vintage book, even pictures!  i tried to put the seemingly endless supply of holiday catalogs to use- here's how:

holiday diy magazine wreath


-a few magazines (or other material of your choice)

-a stapler

-glue gun


i cut the cardboard out by tracing a big round baking pan then a smaller plate inside- then used an exacto knife to cut the wreath out.

holiday diy magazine wreath

while letting the glue gun warm up- you can start ripping out the pages that you want to use.  i tried using the brightly colored ones, and then some white ones to calm it down a bit.

holiday diy magazine wreath

rolling them in half, i stapled about 5 together at a time.  if you can see, i then bent back the ends to give some sort of a surface to apply the glue to.  after you have your bundles of five or so pages, start gluing them around the wreath. just be mindful of maintaining your 'inner circle' and i don't think there's any way you could go wrong- it's as easy as that!


  • excellent work Bonnie! that looks terrific! Happy Holidays!

    • haha thanks everyone! you must share if you make one- they are so easy and fun!

  • love it!

    another use for those catalogs that come in the mail…everyday…that I never asked for…but use for all sorts of things… :)

  • Too cute Bonnie! Great idea to use other materials too. Great way to recycle!

  • Genius. That means it’s in your genes.

  • How very cool, Bonnie! I had seen this done with book pages/sheet music, but not magazine pages. Love it!

  • Hi Bonnie- I love when I see sonmething new or original. Love the wreath. Great tutorial too. Thanks- Diane

    • thank you diane! and thanks for commenting!

      love your blog!

  • i loved your wreath so much, that i tried it myself! i posted a link to your blog, as well :)

    • hi erin- oh it looks so great! and, thank you so much for sharing the link. :) your pictures are great and the wreath looks so pretty above the tv- great job!

  • Bonnie, just saw your reply…thanks!!! and you’re welcome :)

    off to look at your blog, happy weekend!

  • Hi Bonnie! I’m proposing a Handmade Christmas for the readers of my blog, and I featured your tutorial in my Christmas Wreaths Roundup, just because I’ve found it great!
    You can check it here if you want:

    • what a great round up, lucia! honored to be included. :)

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