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a country winter

this is how i *HOPE hope hope our christmas will be this year.  does it snow where you are?  even though we're in the mountains of north carolina, these last 5 or 6 years haven't been so wintry.  it makes me so sad!  we're still hitting high 60's low 70's this week which just doesn't make thanksgiving feel right.  to me, thanksgiving means sweaters, good books and hot cider.  for the past few years, it's even been relatively warm on christmas.  we used to get lots of snow by decemeber but now i can't really remember the last good snow we got.  what's the weather like where you are?  is it warm? are you already getting drifts of snow?  to all you snowy people out there- send your good vibes our way!  all i'm wishing for is some sweater wearing weather by christmas!


  • Ok, now I’ll make you envy me: I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and that means that Christmas=Snow. I’ve been here since 2007 and for these past two Christmases we had snow even earlier than Christmas – and it lasted until April if you also would like to know to to-so-good part of it…

    Well, my best wishes for a cold and snowy Christmas for you!

  • I misspelled my previous comment. It should read : “…would like to know THE NOT-SO-GOOD part…”

    Sorry :(

  • Since moving from So Cal to Va 8 years ago I have yet to have a white Christmas…and I beg for one every year!!

  • haha i’m begging too chelsea! what is with the southeast??

    wow fla- i am so jealous! i do know that you can def have too much of a good thing though. if you have a white christmas this year- you must send me pictures! meanwhile- i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

    love, bonnie

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