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falling for acorns

there's a little farm girl in all us, isn't there?  even if we're in a big city, we grow back porch gardens, daydream looking at seed catalogs, and shop the farmer's market.  no matter where we are, the inner farm girl just seems to find its way out.  there's a calling to get back to our roots and try to live a little simpler.  digging in the dirt and cracking fresh eggs just feels right.  it's, well, simply homegrown feelings that feel the best.

farmhouse wares

1 :: wire swim baskets 2:: renewable vegetable cutting board 3 :: environmentally friendly dryer satchets 4 :: hand woven bee skep basket 5 :: squirrel lamb 6 :: glass pickle canister 7 :: basket candle chandelier 8 :: rustic rattan cutlery holder 9 :: herb plant stakes

betsy of farmhouse wares is a fellow farm gal.  she works hard to surround her family with the values of sustainable living, and lucky for us- makes sustainable housewares a little easier to come by.  farmhouse wares is just that- a sustainable stop for incredible clean, simple & comfortable home goods!

from besty: "I'm especially drawn to farm living because it embraces the same values of sustainability and caring for the environment that I grew up with. When I talk about environmentally-friendly, I'm not just referring to our planet, I'm referring to the very environments we live in. I believe home is the place that keeps us centered and gratified. I also believe the simple pleasures in life provide much needed sustenance."

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  • Ooooohh, I simply love the basket candle chandelier! It’s gorgeous. I love gardening, it makes me so happy and relaxes me, a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon! Especially when you’re stuck indoors for so long during the cold winter months!

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