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polka dot hen

notice the hen's antique fork feet? love them!  full time artist susan haven-morris is a fellow north carolinian who creates original papier mache and fabric sculptures.  middleburg folk art studio is where you'll find her lovely sculptures, cake toppers and figures.


clockwise :: squirrel :: sheep :: whooooo owl :: birds on a swing ::

her papier mache pieces are made from 100% recycled ground newspaper- and to sculpt she just adds water and a biodegradable binder.  so, not only is middleburg cute it's green too!

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  • Stinkin’ cute!

    I share a love that my mom has for folky chickens and hens :) I hearted this shop FOREVER ago, but I love all the new additions.

  • I am a hens and chicks kind of gal and they are super! The forks on the feet are inspired :-)

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