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hi lovelies!  have any of you noticed my posts haven't been 'quite up to par' lately?  just wanted to say i'm sorry.  we finally got internet at our new place last night- yay!  so for the past 2 weeks i've been using other people's computers and going back and forth from the old house and new.  ugh.  what did we used to do without internet? let alone high speed? certainly not blog! anyways, thanks for hanging in there with me!

i'm really excited about today's post.  after being totally inspired by decor8's calendar round up- i decided to bring you some of my favorites!  i haven't exactly figured out why- but for some reason i'm really into calendars right now- i've been searching for one or two to doll up the house with.  so- here we go!

hang it stacked together or spread a part for extra wall coverage- so beautiful! deluxe wall calendar by susy jack - $34.

with pages hand drawn and numbered- this one totally wins my heart! galoshes pocket calendar by jen jewett- $13.

each month illustrates local and in season produce- which all coincide with recipes on her blogcalendar by claudia g pearson- $24.

full of pictures taken in the midwest- homemade apple pie, sunflowers, quilts and vintage finds!  calendar snaps and crafts by cupcake studio- $15.

waiting patiently on this downtown series- with beautiful illustrations of city life.  downtown calendar by jen oaks ~$25.

love these whimsical messages: you soothe my soul, sail away with me, you are my shelter.  loose yourself in a daydream calendar by susannah tucker- $20.

eco friendly and oh so cute.  critter calendar by night owl paper goods -$24.

love the letterpress look and especially may's nest. letterpress calendar by albertine press - $29.

buy this calendar and have 7 5x7 prints to frame at the end of the year! letterpress calendar by ink and wit- $42.

love this retro look with the different hues of paper. eco desk calendar by cat seto- $21.95.

looking to make a statement? this 16.5" x 38" calendar will do it! yearly planner by miriam bereson- $15.

perfect fit for right by your desk.  calendar by olive dear- $18.

wallet sized (2.5" x 4") this handy calendar can go with you.  mini deer series by ali design- $6.

no time to wait? print this calendar right at home! printable pdf by sweetbeets- $6.

pocket sized- accordion style for you desk- calendar by yael fran- $10.

i might be doing this again in the near future (hint hint) so if you have submissions or other favs please be sure to send them my way!


  • I love calenders! These are some great picks! I am going to order the mini deer series one!

  • Love these…I have been looking for one for my apartment, along with a cool clock

  • Thanks so much for including my printable calendar in your round up!

  • So many lovely choices! Thanks a million, Bonnie!

  • I am so glad you featured the Miriam Bereson planner – I have one and they are gorgeous. They have so many other beautiful products as well – I have just purchased two of their adorable fairy-shaped mirrors for my daughters.

    • thanks so much mel! i always really love to hear first hand recommendations and am so glad you like this one- it’s so unique! i was kind of wondering if it was practical, so i’m glad to hear that you liked it!

      xoxo, bonnie

  • Thank you for including my calendar on your gorgeous blog- it was a lovely surprise!!

    • hi susannah- i’m so glad i could surprise you! and, thank you for making such a gorgeous calendar!
      love, bonnie

  • These calendars are absolutely gorgeous. Who knew the options that are available. I think I want one of each. Thanks for sharing.

    • hi jodi! i know- i’m so torn i’m going to end up with fifteen calendars!

  • Oh! Thank you for including me in this fabulous roundup. I love them all!

    (ps. My calendars will be in by the end of next week. I’m taking preorders starting tomorrow!)


    • oh great jen!! i’m soo excited!

  • Free printable panorama photo calendar 2010 in English or German –

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