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i think all of us could take a moment to embrace the strange in us, don't you?  and, jill mckeever's kind of strange is just my type.  for strange women is a collection of natural, handmade adornments, perfumes, and other eccentricities all made from natural substances in effort to avoid the dangers of commercial cosmetics.  this is the kind of 'strange' we good all use a little more of.  my hope is that one day this won't be seen as strange at all.  in fact, i think all the chemically produced substances we allow to absorb into our bodies is what is so strange!  (ok, slowly stepping off the soap box now)..

well, just one more thing- in case this topic is new to you- check out this website!  go grab your shampoo bottle and visit skin deep where you can enter the ingredients and see what's harmful and what's not.  that way- we can start making healthier decisions!  (ok, now i'm off)..


jill is also an amazing photographer.  i got a bit lost browsing her blog and photo albums earlier- her images are breathtaking!  my favorite album is from when she went to colorado.  enjoy my dearies!

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