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i know these *gorgeous velvet pumpkins have made their way around the blogosphere (did i really just say that?) but i think they're worthy.  if any of you haven't seen them, i thought i should give you the chance!


plush pumpkins

you can purchase these babies from plush pumpkins or hot squash. though since they're a little pricey, i'm thinking all of you diy brilliants can figure this out on your own!  i found a pattern for them on etsy provided by nancy deliz and a few good velvet suppliers: prairie fiber & the silk fabric shop.   is velvet hard to find in your town? it sure is here...

if you decide to make these or have any advice, please share!  it's on my crafty to-do list but things tend to get a little lost on there...


  • These are just plain amazing!!

  • My friend and I have been searching endlessly for good velvet. Thanks for the links! And I adore these pumpkins. Are those the real stems?! Makes such a pretty natural touch.

    • thanks ash! *love your blog. :)

      hey natalie! i know, how come it’s so hard to find? yes, what i’ve gathered is that they are real pumpkins stems removed then attached to the top (glued?).

  • Pumpkins: what about using those great ‘carvable’ pumpkins from craft stores? that would be a good ‘base’ and then you wouldnt have to use real stems/they’d be reuseable.

    Here’s my idea for the velvet ‘wrapping’. Just make a long rectangle into a circle and hem a ‘casing’ on either end (like a lazy day skirt w/elastic casings at each end instead of just the waist). Then insert a string into each casing and gather up around the pumpkin and glue in place!
    I’d be all over this if I were home!

  • I love velvet pumpkins. I want to make some but I love regular pumpkins too!

  • if they’ve been around the blogosphere, i’ve totally missed them!! amazing – totally inspiring… what else could i wrap a pumpkin in??

    • i know! i’ve def had my thinker-cap on- especially since it seems like velvet is mia around here. oh the endless possibilities!

  • Okay…these pumpkins are gorgeous. I am thinkin’ that you could sew it up like a yo-yo, stuff it, pull the string and tie it around a stem. That’s what I would do, cause I almost always figure out my own way if there aren’t directions or I don’t care for the directions.

    • yes! i’m thinking to maybe start with some styrofoam, shape it up and then stuff around it in the places you need to make it look more pumpkiny.. then pull the fabric in to the middle really tight, and secure it with pins / glue, then cover the attachment point up with a stem. if i ever get to it- we’ll see! :)

  • i saw these in person at a shop during the holidays. They are filled with something like buckwheat or lentils. They have a real weight to them and the movement of the soft filling allows the beautiful velvet catch the light. They just wouldn’t be the same made around a solid form.

  • Where did you get the green velvet for the pumpkin in your pictures? I am having a hard time finding just the right color of green.

    • hi theresa! these are not some that i actually made, but i happened to be in joanne’s fabric store the other day (nation wide company) and they had loads of velvet and velveteen! other than that, i guess i would look online? i hope that helps!

  • The green iridescent velvet is a cross-dye (that means that the background of it is red, and the pile that you see is a light green) from JB Martin called Fidelio. We carry it in our store. Will update tomorrow w/ availability and prices.

  • try using crush panne, its about $5.99 a yard and you can find it at Joann Fabrics and it comes in alot of beautiful colors.

  • Hello there! I have been making these since I decided I did not want to pay the price for them. After long research and eye-balling ( lol), I have been stuffing them with rice. For that squishy, malleable feel/look. I agree, velvet in colors are hard to find. I have been getting my colors on ebay. I also use real stems. I gather the tops and tuck them under, add the top, then pull the threads super tight and tie it off. They are fabulous!

    • hi colleen! thank you for sharing! these are great tips, will put into use!

  • Colleen,
    I agree that the ones I’ve seen in stores are much too expensive. I think they would be easy to make but where do you get your real stems?
    Thank you,

    • hi barbara! i would just pick up a few fresh pumpkins and use their stems. then you have the perfect excuse to make a pumpkin pie! :)

  • you can also purchase velvet at Before going there always check for any coupon codes. Im making these for my wedding table decorations.

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