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victoria klein is a writer, eco-consultant, photographer, and cherished regular-commenter here at home to roost.  she has lived and traveled all over the world and her writings have been published in numerous magazines and websites, such as yoga journal, craft, readymade, boho and just to name a few.  she also happens to be a like minded 'rooster' since she loves to knit, sew, read, practice yoga, garden and cook!

victoria klein

{clockwise} the spot :: tuxedo twins :: arbor shadow :: butter blooms

make sure to stop by her etsy shop, and also her fab blog!


  • THANK YOU THANK YOU for such a fantastic feature – I feel so honored. You can be sure I’ll be writing about this on my blog later today :D You made my week!

  • Victoria is wonderful! Her thoughtfulness, passion and style shine through in all she does.

  • Thank you, Harmony – you have always been a strong supporter & I happily return the favor. :)

  • I absolutely ADORE that outfit and want to copy it right away! :)

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