and the furniture reno begins!

| before and after makeovers

as most of you know by now, we recently relocated to colorado.  but probably less of you know, just how much stuff we had to leave behind!  the only furniture we brought was one book shelf, our mattress and a little dresser. that's it! so for the last four weeks i've been a regular at all the local thrift stores and hardware stores. i've been re-purposing, repainting and reupholstering furniture like a mad woman.  and.. i'm VERY excited to begin sharing them with you!  i'll try not to bombard you with before and after pics, but i have quite a few projects which i'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, yeah!

before and after: tv table

first up, a few tv tables! as we're spilling drinks and dropping crumbs, i couldn't help but suddenly realized that we needed some of our own.  we often eat piled up on the couch, and never have anywhere to put our dinner, the computer or our coffee.  problem solved! (yes, i forgot to take the 'true' before pic, so this is after i've primed, boo!).

before and after: tv table
before and after: tv table
before and after: tv table
and this is just the beginning of my chevron/herringbone/zigzag obsession.. :)


  • They look FAB, Bonnie! I can’t wait to see a house before and after :)

  • Please bombard us with before and after pics! i am so excited to see what you do to your new home. I lived in Dillon, Co two seasons ago and worked at Keystone resort and i LOVED the thrift stores out there!

  • hey these look great. you are a true master! my place doesnt look half as good and i’ve been here for 6 months already! straight out of a decor magazine. great job!

  • Bonnie, the tables look great! Always love your pics, you are so creative. We want more!! Miss you!!

  • It’s beautiful, Bonnie! You are making it your own and it looks like it suits you just perfectly. I do love the herringbone/chevron. Love and miss you!

  • oh the tables came out great, but i think i’m in love with that little deer pillow on the back!!! :) sweet

  • love it!! the tables look awesome :)

    where in co did y’all decide to go? we’ll be in the boulder area in december!

    • hi kim! (love your tank & tink feature) we moved to colorado springs! haven’t made it up to boulder yet, but def plan to. what brings you there?

  • It’s been awhile since I visited. You have grown and grown in your creative web connections here. Moving is exciting and thank goodness you can take your business with you!! Best wishes, Bonnie!

    • joanne, thank you so much for the well wishes! you too, have grown immensely (love your pictures!). best to you!

  • yes! need more before and after pics!! bring em’ on!!

  • Fantastic – I love the zigzags. Your room looks very together for only having been there 4 weeks…I still have whole rooms in my house that look like I just moved in…

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