back porch makeover :: before and after

| before and after makeovers

happy friday lovelies!  i spent most of last weekend making over our last-on-the-to-do-list back porch, and i'm to share with you the before and after's!  with some serious thriftiness and diy projects, i was able to do the entire makeover for under $300.  there are lots of little projects that i'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, but here is the big picture of our back porch makeover:

backporch before


backporch after


backporch before


backporch after


diy flower pot

side table

this table, fan, tic tac toe game and vase were all thrifted, for under $20!

hanging lanterns and candles

thrifty centerpiece

fabric scraps picture frame

diy flower vase

back porch makeover after

so, this is pretty much where you'll find me this weekend! do you have any plans for the weekend?


  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeover! fantastic!!! oh my, these colors are amazing! so cheery look! I’m jealous! can I please feature your back porch re-do on my blog? it’s fabulously beautiful!!! xoxo

  • Freaking fabulous!!! Awesome job, Bonnie!

  • SO incredibly beautiful and happy inducing! What a fantastic job you did hun! My plans for the weekend…well, relaxing on your porch of course! Oh… I wasn’t invited? sigh…oh. ;) Have a wonderful one sweetie & enjoy all of your hard work!

  • This is absolutely wonderful! It looks so summery and fresh! It makes me wish I had a covered porch!

  • aw, thank you all so much!

    @ludmilla, of course! and thank you so much!

    @melissa: haha, it’s an open invite! you make the drive and i’ll make the drinks! ;)

  • looks awesome!!

  • oh, my – I am gushing just like the ladies before me!! wanna carpool to bonnie’s melissa?? :)

  • btw – that tic tac toe game, what a find!

  • ooo yes! y’all should carpool!!

  • wow. This looks fantastic. Such a happy space!

  • It looks SO GOOD. Makes me feel like my porch redo was lame! But I think I can still spruce it up a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is some serious inspiration for me to fix up our deck! It is so awesome. Love the mix of colors and textures. Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Gorgeous :D

  • there are few things better than a good makeover… right? this one is amazing! congrats. i hope you make time to enjoy it!! aren’t summers are the porch just wonderful?

  • OH. MY. GOSH. That looks so wonderful. I envy your lovely, large patio! Love the colors and everything about it. Great job!

  • i just LOVE what you have done with your porch – it is sooo pretty and trendy and cute and nice and – just gorgeous

    well done!

    Betty Bake

  • Very nice! I love it! I’d definitely have brunch in there. :)

  • That’s really pretty! I wouldn’t mind having a porch like that (:

  • Now THAT is a “TADA” moment! Fab. work sista! Btw, I like your blog name….reminiscent of mine :)

  • This is GORGEOUS! All those colors and details are just so happy! Could you share where you found that swing? Was that a part of the $300 budget? It looks so comfy and my husband and I would love one like that. thanks!

  • WOW! This is gorgeous! I only wish we had such great porches here in the UK!

  • Man you’re talented! I’m going to hire you to makeover my house!

  • hi amy! aw, i love your blog! what a fab name!! :)

  • hi lauren! thank you so much! it was part of the budget, a sweet snag from wally world for $128 (not that i’m exactly proud of that, but when on a tight budget, i’m happy for any deal)! it swings, lays down into a bed and even came with a sun canopy!

  • This is a beautiful space! I could spend it out there all weekend too!
    Wonderful job!

  • oh i love your before and after, that’s so pretty! it’s amazing what you can do with a little color and furniture hey? very well done!!

  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonnie the porch is beautiful! You are so very talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh wow! such fun! What a great/inexpensive way to spruce up your porch…

    things are looking beautiful around here…I love your new graphics!


  • oh, thank you amanda!!

  • this is so incredible beautiful. I love it.. and these colors are simply perfect. :)
    thank you for sharing.


  • What a happy porch! I absolutely love your sense of style & appreciate your thriftiness! Darling…

  • OH wow! So bright, fun, and colorful! :)

  • I’m so in love with this makeover! It looks like such a happy place now. I’d love to spend a lazy afternoon there. I love that you spray-painted the vases, too. Just beautiful!

  • Oh-so-lovely! I just love it Bonnie!

  • Gorgeous — so inspiring! dropping by from Shutterly Lovely.

  • Absolutely LOVE what you’ve done here! Love the bright and bold colors, it sure brightens up the space! :-)

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