before and after book shelf

| before and after makeovers

before and after book shelf

i found this odd book shelf at the thrift store, and quickly saw the potential.  after a little wood glue and lots of paint, it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces!

before and after book shelf

ta da! there's a lot going on here, so let's break it down:

- mirror: thrifted and painted
- antlers: found
- cork: sticky on the back; from the hardware store

    i found deer antlers!

    yup, I FOUND THESE!! yes, i was that excited, they're huge!  david and i went on a long trail run this weekend and at the top of this heinous hill, i looked down to find these deer antlers.  it make the whole run worth it!  i made dave carry them back the whole way, so glad he didn't trip and poke his eye out!

    added cork board for notes

    at first, i couldn't figure out what to do with the blank slate on front that was screaming for attention.  then i remembered i had a roll of sticky cork board!  perfect for little notes, inspiration pieces or orders to fill- it's my favorite part of this makeover.

    framed from our nature walk

    remember all the little things i found on our nature walk? i finally figured out what to do with them!  i found this shadow box while out thrifting and gave it a coat of grey spray paint- then pinned all my little foundlings to it.

    before and after book shelf

    it even has shelves on the side, which make it the perfect craft organizer for my sewing room. everything's neatly organized (for now) and easy to get to.


    • what a great piece! hello function & hello pretty. perfect diy project, no?!

      looks great, girl.

    • LOVE, LOVE, LOve what you did with it!

    • i agree with the previous comments. i wish i had an eye like you do for potential great pieces!

    • I love the way this piece turned out! Great work!

    • It’s beautiful!

    • that is a perfect craft storage piece…love it!

    • The storage on this piece is amazing! And so cute, too!

    • The discovery is the magic with this piece. I know this is an old post, but how are you liking the shelf? Has it worked as hoped?

      • thanks edward! yes, it worked as promised! we’ve actually moved since then and couldn’t take it with us, but it served it’s purpose really well. :)

    • oh my goodness you really know how to take something that is blah and turn it into something amazing! Your little knick-knacks add the perfect little touches! I’m so in love with this!

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