before and after: chevron dining table

| before and after makeovers

more furniture reno! actually, there is much much more to come!

before and after: chevron dining table

this little table and mismatching chairs came from our local thrift store, for about $20.

before and after: chevron dining table

after being completely inspired by laurie's herringbone wall design, i decided to go for it!  i used her same technique, but spray painted the table with gold paint before i taped off the design in beige and khaki.  i topped it off with a 3 coats of protective enamel, stained the legs cherry to match the chairs, and recovered the seats in an ivory and green leaf print.

before and after: chevron dining table

trust me, i know our carpet it terribly ugly and we have doors everywhere, but hey, i'm working with it!  we'll only be here until april, so the tacky stays.

before and after: chevron dining table

a thrifted mirror in the center used as a tray for the essentials and a pretty fall bouquet for the centerpiece.

before and after: chevron dining table

and one picture of toaster, just for kicks! i think we have a knack for turning our dogs into people..


  • Wonderful! I love it and never get tired of chevrons! Also…I am in love with Toaster. There, I said it! :) Great job hun!

  • Wow Bonnie! You have done it again-you are so talented!!! You have an eye for seeing potential in everything. A true gift! Give Toaster a big hug for me! Miss you guys!

  • That table looks amazing! Fantastic job! The chairs are very sweet too. Unfortunately, I think the dog kind of steals the spotlight :)

  • I love this! It’s really creative and not a makeover you see every day. Thanks for posting it!!!

  • Wow you just made my day, not only do I LOVE what you did to your dining table, so creative, I saw a glimpse of the “Grow” print! I can’t believe it made it to Colorado with you:)

  • PS, the gold on the table is such a great touch!

  • My goodness you’re a talented gal! I’m so impressed! And, love the pic of your pup, Toaster!

  • Absolutely beautiful redo! My eyes didn’t catch the gold at first glance, what a nice surprise and my favorite part!

  • The ultimate chevrons! What an awesome table to have! Makes me want to paint something… Anything! Or weave chevrons. That would be fabulous!

  • thanks everyone! it makes me so happy to eat at it!

    natalie- of course it did! in fact, it will be featured soon in my next project. ;) i love it!

  • Bonnie, it is so great! You did a really nice job. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  • It looks great! and love the picture of Toaster!

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