before and after: planter table

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before and after: planter table

i found this little tray table at the thrift store for $5. i love it's little tapered legs and rolling wheels!

after painting it with yellow zig zags, it's now a little planter table and adds the perfect splash of color to our dining room.

before and after: planter table

i used love natalie's grow print as inspiration, can you tell?  though her shop is temporarily closed, {update! her shop is now open!} you can see all of her watercolor paintings and diy projects on her blog- love, natalie.

before and after: planter table


i only bought one shade of yellow paint, but mixed up a little batch of it with some added white to make the lighter color.  i first painted the top light yellow, then used this technique of painting chevrons to tape off the design.  after painting the whole piece darker yellow, i removed the tape and finished it off with a top coat.

before and after: planter table

did you notice my little collection of blue bottles? i got inspired by johnny miller a while back, and have been collection blue and green bottles and jars ever since.  mine needs some work to be anywhere near as beautiful as his, but i think it's pretty catching the afternoon light.


  • So cute!

  • the table looks awesome ((as do your jars))!!! you have inspired me to do some DIY pronto :)

  • yeah, kim! make sure to share!

  • I love it! I love chevron, I love yellow, and I love how the little silver bird contrasts the vibrant table!

  • I’m so in love with these before and after posts you’re doing, Bonnie! I’m also a teensy bit jealous you’ve got awesome thrift stores near you.

    P.S. I’m loving the yellow and the chevrons!

  • Great makeover! Unlike you though, I have an amazing ability to swiftly kill anything green that comes too close :P

  • I love the cheery bright yellow and the cute “grow” print. Also digging your blue bottle collection.

  • Bonnie! Supper cute as always. I love how you tied in the yellow chevrons with the Grow print. I feel so special!

  • awesome – FAB find for $5!!
    It turned out gorgeous! well done!

  • What a find! And how darling it looks in it’s new outfit!

  • Love the table and the green and blue bottles! Bonnie you can do anything!!!! Miss you!

  • Your table makeover is fab fab fab Bonnie! What a great job. Looks gorgeous and sunny :)

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