before and after: telephone table

| before and after makeovers

before and after: telephone table
i have to admit, i was peaking through the windows into the back of the thrift store when i found this beauty.  i snagged her before anyone else even had a chance! i've always loved telephone tables, and the idea behind them. can't you just see someone sitting there, chatting away? i haven't had a land line in over 8 years!

before and after: telephone table
so this is the after! the mirror, hat, telephone booth, vase, blanket and my orange boots are all thrifted.  i've become quite the skilled hunter!

the 'scarf' is a 1/4 yard of silk that i ran across at the fabric store. i wrapped it around my neck and called it a day.

and just in case you're 'ooh-ing and ahh-ing' over my beautiful bag, it's handmade from lightnest- and it's one of my all time favorite accessories!

before and after: telephone table
i'm using it as an entry way bench, with a place to hang our daily goodies above it, and a place for our boots underneath.

before and after: telephone table
i love all the pops of color that meet me at the entry way. it sets the tone for the house and makes me feel welcome.

before and after: telephone table
i spray painted this on using a stencil- then went over it with a stain that i quickly wiped off.

before and after: telephone table
so there you have it! yet another piece of my home.  here's to happy hunting!


  • bonnie. i am constantly wide eyed when i read your diy posts. you are the furniture DIY queen! also, where are your grey booties from? I’m on the hunt for a fun pair of heeled booties!

  • Just beautiful! Very welcoming. I like how you have the blanket tucked in there. Lovely and thanks for sharing ;-)

    • thank you ladies! so glad you like this one, it’s one of my favorites as well!

  • I am so impressed by your before and afters, I don’t know how you can do it, move and so many awesome redos. I am in awe. Great job on this and all the others.

  • I would love to come home to an entry like yours each day! I adore this stencil design, gorgeous!

  • i really love this section in your home! what a lovely paint job, too. i’ve never seen a telephone table, but really really want one now!

  • love! I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but haven’t stumbled on one within my price range yet. This inspires me to search a little harder though!

    • hi amy! keep a looking- i paid $15 for this one!

  • This is definitely my favorite one so far–I LOVE these old chairs and yours looks so cute! Great matching of colors & patterns.

    Sarah M

  • Bonnie, you’re a dear. The table looks beautiful!! Great job :)

    • paige, you are! your bag made this post, so thank you! :)

  • you paid $15?! oh my goodness! love how you fixed it up!

  • What a fabulous find!! I only wish I had seen it first!! Love the bag – is that a burlap insert?

  • You brought the telephone table into this century! Can you imaging having to sit still to talk on the phone? We had a table much like this one and we’d sit and chat because the phones weren’t even cordless back in the day….

  • Loved the telephone table. It reminds me of one we had when I was a little girl!

  • $15? wow! most of the ones I’ve seen are at least over $50. that makes it even more awesome!

  • Love this little nook! That’s the perfect color (non-color?) for that table, too. Especially with the pops of color. My entryway has a long, narrow shelf thing that we found in the shed when we moved in. Definitely needs a paint job. I was thinking a pearly grey, but man are you convincing me with this taupe! Today would be the perfect day to paint, too. It’s beautiful out!

  • Bon how come I didn’t get any of these talents??? Awesome job sis!!

  • The turquoise stripes and red pillow are stunning. You are amazing!

  • Bonnie, i love this table, every since i saw it i have had my eye out for one but no such luck yet. I was wondering what color you painted it with. i love that shimmery grey color. i have a sewing machine table i’d love to paint that color.

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