happy 4th of july!

| bonnie forkner

hi lovelies! just wanted to pop in to say hello!  did you have a happy 4th of july?  we had a picnic up on the roof and watched the fireworks from there.  the weather was perfect, the food was wonderful and our tiny town even had a pretty impressive fireworks show!  i always give my girls our leftover watermelon rind (it's their most favorite treat).  this is odessa, caught in the act (below).

chickens eating watermelon

i also wanted to draw your attention to a new section of the blog, our eat local page! here you'll find the seasonal veggie guides, all of our seasonal recipes and a resource page on why we should eat local in the first place.  you'll be able to reference it anytime via the pull down menu in the header up top.   below is the latest summer veggie guide:

see you tomorrow! xo, bonnie


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