nature walk

| bonnie forkner

happy monday! did you remember this past weekend's assignment? the hub and i took it to heart, as we went exploring. over the river and through the woods, on a nature walk we went!

nature walk

nature walk
nature walk
nature walk

do you see the mountains even at the tippy top? they look like part of the clouds at first glance, they go on forever!

nature walk
nature walk
nature walk
nature walk
nature walk
nature walk
nature walk

and a smooch to end the day!

where did you find beauty this weekend?

{photos: bonnie forkner}


  • my husband, sisters-in-law, and I went on the Farm Tour organized by our local coop, New Leaf Market! there were 33 farms participating this year and it was awesome to see exactly where our locally produced foods come from and meet the farmers behind the work! the farms had workshops, gifts and products for sale, and some even had hayrides. all the farms we visited were absolutely gorgeous and reminded my husband and me of our goal of having our own farm one day. any weekend I get to pet alpacas, goats, and the big farm dogs that protect them is a good one!

  • jenn, what a wonderful weekend!! that sounds so beautiful, and just right for fall. one of the things i miss the most about NC are all of the farms and farmers markets (there’s not much agriculture here). and i’m quite jealous of your alpaca petting! :) thanks for sharing!

  • What a gorgeous walk! Thanks for taking the time to take so many pictures – I’m swooning over here :) Since I am still healing from a stress fracture in my right foot, I can’t take long walks yet :( On the plus side, my Mum & I went to the last day of the season for our favorite farmer’s market on Sunday – always a fun time :)

    • victoria, oh no! i hope your foot heals quickly, and you get back out there in no time! so glad to hear you made it to one last farmers market :)

  • ::Gasp:: So beautiful …

    Jim and I walked around town yesterday enjoying the local wildlife (ducks, geese, fish, etc.) and of course the autumn trees – I don’t know if we necessarily see beauty in a group of paddling, quacking ducks – But we sure get a kick out of them!

    • hi sasha! oo, i think ducks are beautiful! so i’m right there with ya, i love seeing ducks and geese paddling around a pond. :)

  • i wish i was living in your pictures right now! i love to take nature walks, especially in the fall weather.

    i found beauty in being with my friends. it’s always so much fun to catch up and actually SEE people. Texts and phone calls can get so boring and impersonal.

  • amazing pictures bonnie!
    this weekend I packed up my girls, picked up my niece and nephew, and road tripped over to grab grandma (my mum)…we spent hours at our favorite orchard holding the last two of this year’s kittens, feeding the goats, completing the corn maze, and enjoying a few caramel apples! most of the leaves (and apples!) are gone here in MN, but the contrast of the newly plowed fields and the still green grass makes the drive just as lovely!

  • hullo! i just stumbled on your blog this morning and love it! ironically, my husband and i did this exact same trail just this past weekend – and we have a couple of almost identical photographs from the hike! namely this one:

    anyhow, i’ll end the creepiness now! :)
    happy fall,

    • rebecca- haha, NO WAY! that’s incredible (not so creepy), thank you so much for sharing! it is such a beautiful trail. :)

  • Can I go to this beautiful place? Where is this trail? Great Post!

    • thank you! and yes, you can! it’s in colorado springs!

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