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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be guest posting here on Going Home To Roost.  I wanted to share with you a great Etsy shop, Jungle Supply.


They sell vintage items, garden items, decor as well as original shelves, cabinets ect.


One of the contributors to the shop, R. Sander is a woodworker & designer from Minnesota.  He creates original shelves, cabinets, shadowboxes, garden homes, etc.  He re-purposes (reclaims) leftover wood and lumber, pieces that have been 'tossed aside'.


The other contributor, Bri, helps design and finish the pieces, as well as runs the shop.  She loves vintage & antiques, so you'll find a few hand-selected pieces scattered about the shop.


I am a huge fan of vintage as well as a fan of reclaimed wood.  I would love to purchase their whole store for my own space.


shop featured: Jungle Supply

guest post presented by: Simple Grove

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