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font findsyes, i spent the better part of this morning totally consumed by finding fonts- isn't it addicting?  i couldn't help but share them you, maybe it will save you some time (or get you hooked, either one). best of all, they are all free downloads available from!  i also got caught up on all of pugly pixel's fabulous {free} downloads, see my vintage fabric deco tape?  hope you enjoy, and share some of you own favorite finds!

sweetie pieall hail julia | cursive | give you glory | halo handletter | jb jursive | hand writing mutlu | written on his hands | learning curve | little days | lullaby | shelter me | verchery


  • oh, dear. now i’m going to have to browse through all those….you find the best freebies! thanks for sharing. :)

  • I LOVE fonts! is my favorite site… I could spend hours browsing, lol. :)

  • DaFont is just the best! My graphics students love it too, especially all the graffiti fonts.

  • oh, I love sweetie pie!

  • Thanks for sharing these! I too love looking around Dafont, but have never noticed the “Shelter Me” font before – I really like it!

  • love them!! i need Sweetie Pie for my new shop name, schoolgirlcrush :) perfect fit!

  • Isn’t PuglyPixel fab? I only discovered Katrina’s website last week–I don’t know *how* I didn’t know about her and her site!–and I am totally hooked. Any leads for ‘office’ graphics, i.e. paperclips and Post-It Notes?

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I just had way too much fun downloading a bunch of new fonts.

  • Oooo I love the lullaby one! Can’t wait to download that one! I get a lot of my fonts from, too! She has adorable fonts! You should definitely check her out!

    • oo, love that website kelley! thanks for sharing- off to download!

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • can I ask a silly question??? from what I have read I need to download the files and then unzip them before saving them to my font folder…but I don’t seem to have software already on my computer to unzip…can I download that software for free? and, I guess first of all…am I right that I need it? thanks in advance for any help :)

    • hey jes! that’s no silly question! i may not be the most help for windows but i think i can get you started in the right direction. check out dafont’s help page for details, but you will need something to unzip the files. here’s a website that has a bunch and many are free (i wouldn’t pay for one). i think i used to use win zip and i liked it! does that help? feel free to ask more!

  • yay!! thank you bonnie – worked like a charm :)

  • I have to second I have been using and loving their fonts for a while…and recently got my handwriting made into a font there (Pea MLE). For a font geek like me, it’s a total dream come true. Using it makes me smile. :)

  • ooh tons of great fonts here i hadn’t spotted before! mucho thanks :)

  • I love the website dafont! And I came across that website for those adorable vintage tapes too! I’m still trying to figure out how to get them on my computer and use them :( I love your blog…

  • Hi! I guess i’m the only person that’s confused, but i’m new to this. When I got to and put in the title it says “font not found.” I’m putting in the names like “sweetie pie” and “Learning Curve.” Is that not correct? Thanks for your input!

    • UPDATE!

      hey all! to help with confusion (sorry about that!) i’ve added links for each of the fonts above. enjoy! xox

  • Thanks for the fonts! I found a whole bunch more at their website that I just loved! Found you on Pinterest btw :)

  • I am so pleased that there are others out there who are also tired of the limited options for fonts. Thanks for opening the door!

  • Thank you for sharing your cute fonts.


  • I just downloaded several of these. Now, I am trying to use them in Word for a Poem, but cannot find them in the fonts. I am new to downloading fonts (I know…kinda slow). So, how can I use these with Word?

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