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remember my back porch makeover? today i'm going to share with you one of my thrifty diy projects that gave the space the right kind of feel- a thrifted frame tray!

frame tray before

i bought this lovely from goodwill for a buck.  beautiful, isn't it?

frame tray after

i painted the frame with high gloss white spray paint and then covered the cardboard insert with this red print fabric (from ikea). i secured it with a little hot glue and voila! i had a matching tray centerpiece within about twenty minutes!


  • that was one of my *favorites* from your entire make-over…love it!!

  • Spray paint and I are having a love hate relationship. I have started using primer but when I spray paint over it the paint will bubble or just fall off. I used to think spray paint and I were best friends!
    I love this, very inspiring. Hopefully I will fix my spray paint problems.

  • I love it!! I can always find these while thirfting too..I already have one painted blue!

  • So cute! Just wanted to let you know that your last back porch makeover post inspired me to finally undertake one of my own. Mine’s a yard and patio project. Here’s my blog post about it from a few days ago ~ Keep the inspiration coming, Bonnie!

    • hi bonnie! such a great start! can’t wait to see the final afters, have fun!

  • oh wow, i am so totally going to do this!! what a great idea! i was just at a thrift store the other day and saw all sorts of frames like that. i wanted to buy them but i just wanted too sure what i would do with them…now i know!!

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