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hi everyone! please welcome guest poster, belinda from the happy home! i hope you enjoy this diy project, how fun and adorable!

fabric leaves diy

Paper leaves

fabric leaves diy

Your toolkit
Coloured and patterned paper. I used some scrapbooking sheets from my stash.
2. Twigs – from the garden or those long willowy brushes you see in the $2 store and wonder what on earth you’d do with.
3. Gee, what could these be? A glue stick and scissors.

fabric leaves diy

. Fold the paper in half so when you cut out your shape, the two pieces you’ll be sticking together are exactly the same.
2. Open the two pieces like a book, glue the wrong sides, lay the end of a twig in the centre and stick the pieces back together.
3. Press the pieces together firmly, particularly along the stick to hold it in place.
4. Repeat as often as you like with different sizes, colours and patterns. Cut the ends to slightly different lengths and arrange in a vase.


  • Very cute and simple! I never would’ve thought of it myself.

  • such a fun way to make leaves!

  • Oh so straight forward and pretty! I want to try :) Thank you for sharing!

  • glad you like – they’re really easy to make! But HOW RUDE of me to not do a proper introduction and say hello to you all. Apologies, I rush rushed getting this to Bonnie and didn’t even think about that! thanks for having me Bonnie x

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