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after seeing this post over at design*sponge, i couldn't help but run out and make my own business cards!


though i absolutely love my moo minis, sometimes it's hard for me to commit to something so permanent.   i've always struggled with ordering so many cards at once- i mean, what if i open a new shop, start something new, or change the name of something?


by grabbing this stamp set at my local office supply store, i can now make my own stamp, and change it up any ol' time!  all you need after you get the stamp set is a few blank business cards  (one isle over from the stamps!) and your all set to go.  you could easily make your own cards too by stamping your 'card' on scrap paper and especially your outgoing envelopes.  think about all the people who handle your mail before it reaches it's destination- this is a great (free!) way to advertise.


voila!  easily editable, diy, hand crafted business cards!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and i look forward to see you back here on monday!


  • LOVE this!!! I, too, have struggled with ordering cards: I want my cards to be made from recycled paper…the cost for that is a little too big for my tiny business! so, I have been doing some printing at home…the size is never quite right though…

    I know where I am headed today…thanks Bonnie!

  • This is so clever! I love it!

  • I just ordered personalised mini moos – you gave me that little push I needed. I SO EXCITED!!!

  • I am currently picturing all the fun recycled papers I am going to stamp things onto. And I love stamps like these, because they make me feel like a librarian – wise, powerful, and dead sexy, of course :)


    • hi daisy! oo, i love your motto- ‘b/c we can’t survive on sun alone’ how beautiful!

      and, of course, i like the picture you paint of the (of course) sexy librarian!

  • Thanks SO much for posting about this! I really wanted to create my own business cards but really don’t have any experience with that sort of thing but this seems really easy to make! I put this on my birthday wish list :P

  • Super cool…I love how you can do it on any color paper , and tear it anyway you like ha! :)’

    Jen Ramos

  • What a fantastic idea Bon!
    Im running out of my cards, and need them for the other shop I think that is what I will do ! :)
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  • this is so great! thanks for sharing. I was researching business cards this morning. I like these…

    I am really lusting over a new apron for work…which ones…?

    loving these two right now:

  • great idea! love your blog.

  • That stamp set is such a great idea. Thanks!!

  • Holy Cow!! Thanks so much for this post! What a stinkin fabulous idea! If it weren’t so cold, I’d head to the store right now! lol Great share :)

  • Super-fun cards…just love ’em!

  • This is genious!! what a great idea. i will have to look into something like this soon :) thanks for sharing!

  • This is an AWESOME idea! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  • I absolutely love this idea! I think I’m going to try this out :)

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