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diy hanging vases

when i saw these hanging vases at reading my tea leaves i was stunned.  what a simple and beautiful way to bring the outdoors in!  i've got so many old glass bottles that fit the bill for this project, i'm sure they'll be happy to finally have a purpose.  all you need is a hook, some jute and a glass bottle with a decent rim at the top.  i'll have summer sprigs hanging all over the place!


  • What a great idea! I immediately thought of the screened porch.

  • ooo nice thought! i’m on it. ;)

  • pretty! and ecofriendly to too!

  • so glad you liked! thanks for featuring my photo here!

  • Ooh I like this idea! Haven’t visited in a while, love your blog’s new look!

  • oh, this reminds me of a party I just saw featured on partyperfect’s blog…I’ll leave the link, it is so lovely – she hung them from chair backs and fence posts for an outdoor party!!!

    • oh man, what a pretty party! i wish i had been there, haha! so cute, i like the glass better than the tin, how cute would little glass bottles been on the backs of those chairs! thanks for the link!

  • wait this is so adorable
    i hate putting poster or wall hangings on my walls
    but these would be the perfect way to decorate my (very) dull room


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