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diy moss terrarium

yeah for terrariums!!  why do i love them so much?  there's something about a protected little self sustaining eco system that just makes me happy.   i'm so excited that i finally made some, i've been wanting to for months and months- and i think they are so pretty.  they were easy breezy, too- here's how!

diy moss terrarium

first collect some containers to use as the terrarium.  you could buy them new, but i found these at our local thrift store.  the tall one is a separate top and bottom that i found that thankfully fit together, and the low one came together.  i think it used to be some kind of kitchen gadget? anyways, as long as they are glass and fit together- they'll work!

diy moss terrarium

then, i spray painted the bottoms black to match each other and filled them with a few rocks to help with drainage.  i just grabbed these right out of our driveway!

diy moss terrarium

next, you'll need to find some live moss.  i stumbled across this moss during our nature walk, but you can also order it online.

diy moss terrarium

next you'll need a few little plants to fit inside.  i bought these two succulents ($2.99/ea) from our farmers market.

diy moss terrarium

now, all you have to do it assemble it!  i cut some of the moss to make it fit just right, then wedged the little plants in between the cracks.  i placed a few extra rocks around as well, some to help hold up the plants, but mostly just for looks.

diy moss terrarium

give it a good watering and voila!  you'll want to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out, and you'll only need to water it (from the base) about every month or so.  if a plant doesn't make it- don't worry, you can just try something else, as they are easy to rework.

diy moss terrarium

i think they are my new favorite pieces in our home!

{look within picture by katie daisy} {photos: bonnie forkner}


  • so sweet…and lovely…and easy!

  • These are stunning, Bonnie! I’m also honored that my art got a little cameo! Thank you for the tips!

    • katie- of course! i love your pictures (i have them all around the house!). they make me so happy. :)

  • Gorgeous! (I made similar ones a few years ago but I must have a black thumb because they all died!)

    • notabilia- oh no! keeping my fingers crossed, as my thumbs are a bit of a murky green..

  • those are really pretty! i absolutely love anything with succulents and those are really cute terrariums :)

  • oh i love these. i made a few, they are so fun! it’s a tricky balance tho because you don’t want to put succulents with ferns because they have totally opposite care needs. they looks so good together tho!

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