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diy porcelain paint pens

{valentine's plate}

you know i always talk about my next creative endeavor? well, i can assure you, this will be it!  welcome to the world of porcelain paint pens, friends!

diy porcelain paint pens

{tea for two and fine}

it always amazes me when i find a new craft, it's like how did i survive without knowing this? you can purchase porcelain paint pens from any craft store (like michaels or a.c. moore) and get to creating your own pottery in no time. draw on your design, bake it in your conventional oven at 300°f for 30 minutes and you're done!  (i also read that it's good practice to place your piece in the oven at room temp, let them preheat together, then cool off together before removing).

diy porcelain paint pens

{diy painted porcelain}

and the best part is? you don't even have to be an artist! all you have to do is doodle, write, scribble, or play.  i love projects that allow you to turn thrifted, boring or inexpensive pieces into personalized art- and this one definitely qualifies.

diy porcelain paint pens


porcealin paint pens diy

{porcelain decoration tutorial}

think about all the possibilities- plates, bowls, mugs, subway tiles, coasters, pitchers... i have a set of plain 'ol porcelain plates just waiting to be doodled on!


  • Wow …this is brilliant…. would be lovely to create a totally unique colourful dinner set out of ordinary, plain porcelain. Thanks for sharing!

  • these designs are just fabulous. i once drew an illustration of the little prince on a vase for my mom. unfortunately the decor didn’t last so long. do you have a good recommendation for good pens that last?

  • What a great idea! I hadn’t though of drawing on porcelain…looks like it could be really fun! Thanks for the tip Bonnie :)

  • I especially love the last idea/photo!

  • Thank you for Sharing! I got to get my hands on those pens.

  • Ooh, these are fun! I used a plate a decorated in a listing in my shop, here: .. You can’t really see that much, but it’s a small saucer, and I made a matching teacup (super cute!) and salad plate. It’s a great and easy project, thanks for sharing Bonnie! :)

    • oo, how cute anna! i really can’t wait to make some. also, thank you for recommendation, i wasn’t sure what was best!

  • What a fun idea! I’ll have to try this.

  • I was just wishing my plain whites were not so very plain! I have a feeling I’ll have to wait for a trip to the US for these guys, though =/ Totally filing this one away!

  • Such a great idea! I can think of so much to do with these. I did notice on the Dick Blick website that they are not recommended for surfaces that come into contact with food:
    Did you find some that can?

    • hi sarah! this article says that specialty ceramic paint pens are food safe (so we know the exist) and these pens from michaels are water based and non toxic. will keep looking for more choices!

  • Finally after reading this post forever ago I have bought my paint pens! Now hopefully it will not be just as long before I get to use them!

  • bonnie, these are amazingggg!!! i can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  • Wow! Really gotta try this myself, thanks!

  • All of the porcelain paint pens I’ve seen say NOT to use them on surfaces that come into contact with food.

    I think this is a wonderful idea for the lower outside of bowls and cups and for the outside of teapots, sugar bowls and creamers. The pictures in the article show that the decorations can be simply adorable.

  • Wow, this is an awesome idea!

  • Very nice work!!! I am just wondering what kinda China ware that i can use these pens?

  • Have been searching for food-safe porcelain paint markers and found this:

    hopefully this will be of use to others!

    • great find, mert! thank you so much for sharing!

  • I love this! Makes me want to draw all over the plates I already have…maybe I’ll start with a mug first :)

  • Just loved this. I’ve never heard of these pens before. We have an older white china set that could use some TLC. Off to make a craft shop run…

  • I’m also thinking ‘How did I not know about this???’ This is amazing! I’ve never seen these paints before, now I must look.

  • You need to tell people that these paints are not food safe and should not come in contact with food if you intend to eat it. If you decorate a tea or coffee cup the design must be at least an inch from the rim to avoid your lips coming in contact.

    • hi deborah, thank you for your suggestion. some are food safe and others are not, so i have advised people to check thoroughly with their brand before using. thanks again!

  • I emailed a company that has food safe porcelain markers (mentioned earlier by mert) and they said that not only are the markers they sell food safe, but they were told by their supplier that you can’t get the food safe markers in the US – the supplier has been looking for a manufacturer here and can’t find one. I have looked in stores and on-line and I can’t find anything else, so they may be right!

  • This is SUCH a cute idea. I also think it would be a great DIY party. Everyone could go home with their own plate!

  • if you are using PORCELAINE PAINT PENS, THEY ARE NOT FOOD SAFE. fyi. The only food safe porcelain paint pens are Porzellanmalstift, a German made paint pen. They are hard to find in the U.S. … just thought I would let you know. I had to scrape off a lot of paint from my dishes that I decorated with PORCELAINE brand paint. All PORCELAINE paint pens are not food safe.

  • very good

  • can’t find fine point pens that I like to work with. Porcelain 150 does not last without drying each time I use a new one. what do you suggest? also, I don’t like some of the colors that are in the paint pens. have you used another brand?

  • Okay, I see that the PORCELAIN pens are not food-safe, but what about CERAMIC? Or am I ignorant and they’re the same thing?? Does anyone know anything about the craft smart paint pens found at Michaels?

  • I was thinking of making some personalised mugs or something as Christmas presents. I stumbled onto your blog whilst looking for recommendations for ceramic pens. Loving all the feedback and info in the comments…….and the cute ideas I’ve gotten from your photos!

  • So … I read a statement from Pebeo that their paint is completely non-toxic and safe. But I’ve read on several blogs that you should NOT use these paints for areas where food or drink will come in contact. I realize some paints are different, but if something like the Pebeo paint pens are permanent and non-toxic … how is it not safe to use the paint on a plate or glassware? Is everyone just being way too careful or am I missing something? To be fair, Pebeo says it’s paints are totally safe, but they also say it shouldn’t be used on the surface where food or drink contact. How can it be totally safe and non-toxic but unsafe to use with food? Can anyone explain?

  • One question:
    once you finish the ‘painting’ job, you need to take the pieces back to fire right?
    Otherwise the colours won’t stay.
    Any advise on that? temperatures and so on?
    Thank you.

    • hey luna! the glory of these pens is that you just do it right in your oven. each pen will have specific instruction on it. :)

  • Thank you! I did search a bit more. I live in Asia so chances of buying the pens will have to be online; Still looking for an alternative closer to home. Anything I find, will share here for others.
    Beautiful work by the way…

  • I found this article which addresses the food safety of pebeo paint pens.

  • Basically it says that the Pebeo paint pens are non toxic and safe for food, but not recommended on surfaces that you would eat off of with silverware. This is because the paint can be scratched or chipped with metal utensils and bacteria can grow under the edges of the damaged paint, causing sickness, etc.

  • So my question is what about the inside of the cup. Like on the inside top lip, kind of smallish to say “Its Bigger on the Inside…”
    I see that it often says not for forks and knives, but what about getting wet?
    I’m trying to make a custom Doctor Who themed tea set for my sister in law’s 21st birthday.

  • Any idea how to remove from fabric?

  • Wonderful blog! I love decorating with porcelain pens, the designs are endless and lots of fun to make! It’s great seeing what everyone has done with their pieces. I have a number of pieces I have created that are in our Etsy store. Check them out if you have time:

  • Beautiful blog! I am looking forward to decorating mug for my son. Do you know if Pebeo paint pens are dish washer safe?

    Thank you,

    • hi rt! the website says that they are dishwasher safe. have lots of fun!

  • My daughter wants to do plates at her wedding instead of a traditional wedding guest book. She took back the plates she bought at BBB because they were too expensive & plans on buying cheaper fancier plates at T.J. Maxx. Do these porcelain markers works on any kind of plate? Thanks.

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