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happy hanger how to

do you know how to crochet?  it's something that i've wanted to learn how to do for a long time now, and i think one of these would have to be my first project.  this happy hanger how to comes from dottie angel where she gives step by step instructions.  i love the vintage charm they have, don't you?  i would have to find something extra special to showcase on one of these- maybe a dainty silk tank so that the hanger could still shine through.  or how pretty would it be to give them as gifts?  hopefully i'll work down my crafty to-do list far enough to tackle crocheting soon. 

what craft trade do you want to learn next?


  • Super cute! I am just learning how to crochet. One of my first projects was this cutie http://tinyurl.com/335k6o5. Now I am teaching myself how to do a hexagon granny square. Good luck with your crochet adventures.

  • Great vintage colors – that is a lovely first project.

  • I love these! I bought myself a learn to crochet book about 3 months ago and so far have a single crochet chain 3 inches long. LOL There’s just never enough time in the day is there?!

  • These hangers are all over Etsy and I adore them! Too bad I can’t crochet, they’d be a fabulous DIY project! xoxo

  • about a year ago I added the shop Strikk to my Etsy favorites b/c of hangers similar to these…I think they are just too cute!

    hmmm…I’d love to learn more about letterpress…and I want my momma in law to teach me how to make dishtowels…I’d love to make a quilt one day!

  • Those hangars are so sweet! I used to make fabric covers for mine. Wonder why I stopped? I should do a tute on that :-) I would love to learn to macrame. I’d love some 60’s inspired macrame plant hangers for my porch.

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