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diy notebook jacket

it's just that time of year.  summer playing and time at the beach are long gone and it's time to start thinking about this winter's hibernation (unless you're on the other side of the globe, happy spring to you!). what better way to start the season then with a cup of cider and a new handmade notebook to start jotting down your winterisms in? jill from lune wrote this great tutorial on how to turn an old notebook and a thrifted tea towel into one of these snuggly journals.  off to thrift i go (as if i needed an excuse..)!

what is one of your favorite ways to welcome cool weather?


  • OMG – I just love this idea! Such a creative way to use a tea towel! I seriously am going to have to make this project! And it would make the perfect favors or gifts at a wedding! Thanks for sharing.


  • ooh so cool!! wish i had a sewing machine! i got one last year for christmas but couldn’t figure it out and had to sell it for the vacation fund. i’ve been kicking myself since!

    maybe i’ll make one anyway, and handstitch it. it’d definitely be worth it. :)

  • oh my goodness – I just love these! someday I will splurge on a machine so I can sew up a storm!
    how do I like to welcome cool weather? a deep cleaning of the house, it gets a bit neglected during the warmer weather and by baking *a lot* especially with fall spices -nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves…yum!

  • What a beautiful blog you have! Thanks for featuring my diy. I’ll be back again for sure. much love!

    • much love to you, jill! thanks for such a wonderful idea!

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