upcycling greeting cards to diy post cards

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diy post cards

i'm always getting the most darling cards in the mail, and after keeping them a while for re-reading, i often find myself painfully turning them in to the recycling bin.  then i had the idea of repurposing them to deliver one more round of smiles!

diy post cards

as long as any greeting card you've received is blank on the opposite side of the front, you can cut the card right down the middle and use the decorative front as a post card.

diy post cards

with a little happy tape and the handy use of my diy rolling rubber band stamps, i made this post card in just a few minutes.

diy post cards

ready to write on and stick in the mailbox, i'm so excited to give these greeting cards a second lease on life!


  • super fab idea! i have SOOO many greeting cards it’s not even funny. never know what to do with them!

  • great idea! I never throw out a card, but yet I have no idea what to do with them – and the boxes and boxes of cards drive my hubby NUTS! Now they have a new purpose – thank you! -e

  • Bonnie, these are just darling!

  • I love this idea!! I also don’t throw out cards that i received. I love keeping them and hope one day i know what to do with them! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  • What a great idea!!!

  • so very cute! i’ve done that as well… but the happy tape and stamp make it all that much cuter. :D

  • this is such a sweet idea I have so many cards that I cant bring myself to throw out so I will definitely give this a try :) Alex

  • I love up-cycling projects! This is a great new old idea!

    By the way, just found your blog, love it!!! Thanks for sharing all these cool ideas!

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