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you are my sunshine

dear roosters, you are my sunshine! so i made you some free art for you. :)

download you are my sunshine

terms of use: print it, frame it, change it, spread it, share it, and give it- just don't sell it. :)  if you post it, please direct readers back to this post for the download.  xox!


  • So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. ♥

  • AH lovely! Thank you! I had actually been planning to do a similar sun print in the future….great minds ;)

  • Thanks, Bon!

    What/How would be the best way to print this??

  • hi jessica! it would be best to download the pdf (by either clicking on the picture or the link) and then printing it on matte photo paper set on ‘best’. does that help?

  • Hi Bonnie
    Thanks for this-I am going to print this up and give it to my sister in law who just had her first baby. This would look so sweet in her nursery! I posted this on my blog and retweeted as well!

    • thank you so much tanya! love scrap bits :)

  • Yup, sure does. Thank you :)

  • like it :)

    • hey jes! haha- wish i had a ‘like it’ button like on the ‘ol facebook..

  • oh my gosh, this is so lovely! My mom always used to sing me this song when I was little, but I used to make her leave out the “hang my head and cry part” because it was so sad:)

  • thank you thank you! I LOOOOVE IT :)

  • So cute and brings back so many funny memories of all the tone deaf women in my family making me feel loved by singing me this song…(he he)

  • So lovely! i’m so happy to find your blog.
    i put this on my blog, of course with a link back.

    thank you for inspiration and freebies :)


  • this is beautiful. thank you so much xoxo

  • Thank you! Just printed it & will be framing. You’re so generous w/ your talent. xo

  • This is great. A very hard saying to find. This is my family motto with my mom and my dad. When my dad passed, I told him he needed to send me You Are My Sunshine as a sign that he can see me. So whenever I see it, I know he’s around. I also have “You are My Sunshine” tattoed on my foot. :-) Great thanks!!!

  • You’ll never know dear… how much I love you (Then I changed the last line to say) I love (name) more every day!

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