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would you like to take a walk in the yard with me?  i was out with my camera yesterday, and found lots of goodies to share with you!  i don't even know what some of the blooms are (like these first ones) but they make me exited none the less. there are splashes of pink, purple and orange all around the yard!

i saved my favorites for last. :)  the first one is of some baby birds we have residing in our birdhouse, they are so big!  and this bottom one is from our resident robin.  she's laid the prettiest blue eggs i've ever seen!  they are in the perfect place for me to take pictures of (without disturbing her or the nest) so hopefully, i'll be able to track their progress with you!

you can see the full set of garden pics in my beautiful blooms album on flickr!


  • oh, Bonnie – so lovely!!!
    and – can’t wait to follow the progress of those eggs!

  • Beautiful! I wish I had flowers like that in my yard, maybe next year! And baby birds and animals are the best!

  • So pretty! I love the orange blooms and the pink flowers just after that. I am so bad at remembering flowers and their names – my boyfriend is the gardener in our house. This post actually makes me a little ashamed of our yard right now…. we’ve got a great looking veggie garden thanks to said boyfriend, but much of the yard is badly in need of weed eating/mowing. We don’t have any pretty flowers like yours either, expect for a few wildflowers here and there. We want to add some flowers soon though!

    • hi mallory! well (confession time) the flowers are largely due to my grandmother who lived here before me, and i intentionally left out pics of all the weeds! haha, i have about a days worth of weeds to pull out there. and lastly, i’m only starting my veggie garden this week, so much to do!! it’s so nice that your boyfriend is a gardener! i’ve always thought that quite attractive. ;)

  • hey bonnie! beautiful garden. I think what you have is called sweet william which is an old fashioned dianthus. check out this site…
    it is gorgeous!

    • thanks jenn and chelsea! you’re right, they’re sweet williams! i love them. :)

  • Bonnie your garden looks amazing! I love your sweet williams (the hot pink guys who look like their edges were cut with pinking sheers), it makes me want to pick some up for my garden. And jealous that you have something old and established. We have a very old and established dandelion patch, but that doesn’t count!

  • Love those robin’s eggs. Every time I see them I’m amazed at the gorgeous color!

  • Bonnie, these are all so gorgeous! :) I can’t wait to see more. :)

  • I love your flowers! We don’t have any here yet, but I am looking forward to them! The orange flower is a poppy, I have some red ones and they are such pretty flowers-no matter what color! The pink ones with the spots(under the poppy) are foxglove, I think. The robin’s eggs are such a beautiful blue! Enjoy your flowers!!

    • oh thank you lisa! stuff pops up here all the time that i don’t know the names of! hehe

  • Great pictures, Bonnie! Grandmomma enjoyed looking at them today too. She reads your blog! Aren’t you proud of her?

  • Oh I am so jealous right now. Your garden is heavenly!

  • wow!! they are all so beautiful!! i wish my garden was that far along already!! or at that i had that big of a garden in the first place!! i’d say i’m sort of jealous… but also inspired!

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