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planting kitchen herbs


there's just nothing like using freshly picked herbs in the kitchen.  i cherish them dearly and they make our dishes so delectable, savory and often times more beautifully presented. most culinary herbs are easy to grow indoors and make it easy to pick from your own mini herb garden year round!  you can plant them in individual pots, or in one container easy to move around.  most herbs are easily germinated from seed but are often very affordable as starters at your local hardware store or nursery.

planting kitchen herbs

{sneak peek from sfgirlbybay}

best herbs for the kitchen:

basil: sweet, fragrant leaves that are commonly used in sauces, pesto, salads and italian dishes.  an easy grower that produces in the summer and fall and needs maximum sunlight.

chives: a member of the onion family; best used in potatoes, salads and on fish.

dill: used in many asian and mediterranean dishes, dill has aromatic fern like scrumptious tops.

mint: fresh and clean herb, best used in drinks, salads and sweet dishes.

oregano: often used in italian dishes, tomato sauces and on veggies.  easy to grow with many health benefits.

parsley: usually used uncooked and as a garnish; has a very mild flavor.

rosemary: woody and fragrant, best used on potatoes, bread or vegetables (my favorite!).

sage: has a slightly peppery flavor, often used in meats or in italian dishes.

thyme: a basic ingredient in numerous cuisines, an essential and aromatic herb to grow.

planting kitchen herbs


growing tips: most herbs prefer sunny locations, either outside or in a south facing window. make sure the bottom of your pot or planting area has a drainage hole, as herbs prefer well drained soil. make sure that each herb has a depth 7-9 inches for root growth. consider keeping invasive herbs such as mint, lemon balm and peppermint growing separately so as not to overcrowd the others.

kitchen herbs

here's my latest project and how i made my mini kitchen herb garden! i ran across this old tool box on a vintage hunt recently, and couldn't wait to get home and plant it up.

kitchen herbs

after drilling a few holes in the bottom for proper drainage, i filled her with good organic potting soil and planted my sage, rosemary, basil, oregano and dill. i also added an aloe plant, a cactus and a succulent at the end, just to spruce it up  a bit.

kitchen herbs

i think this is my all time favorite garden project! i love the tool box because i can easily move into the sunshine, and then indoors for the winter.  happy planting!

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  • love this! what cute ideas! my husband was just gifted an old tool box like this one – but i doubt he will let me fill it with beautiful herbs!

  • thanks for the beautiful pics and tips – I so want an herb garden … how do you know when to water your little ones? Best, E

    • hi elizabeth! i just stick my finger in the soil to see whether it’s moist or not- haha! if the top inch is dryish i give ’em a good soaking. you just want to be careful not to overwater them as many herbs will wilt. wait until things are looking a little thirsty then give them a deep watering. xo!

  • I will be skipping out of the office early to go find myself a thrift shop bargin to house my soon to be purchased delishous herbs.


    • so excited for all of your gardens! please, share pics in the flickr group– i would *love* to see them!!

  • i can’t figure out where to put my peranent herb garden on my land, so this is perfect for me right now!!! another weekend project added to my list…

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