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my jaw dropped when i ran across these vertical gardens over on flora grubb, what a beautiful take on wall art!

vertical garden

vertical garden

vertical garden

vertical garden

vertical garden

i immediately started thinking about how i could implement this idea somehow.  any thoughts? my favorites are the ones made with different succulents, though this last one made with airplants is funky stunning as well!


  • Ah, I love it! We have two balconies off our condo and the walls are this boring grey cement. This would be so amazing to look at instead! If you figure out how to get started let me know. Unfortunately I am lacking a green thumb.

  • oh wow! these are very clever gardens. wondering how to build one of these?

    • hi ludmila! i know, they have some diy starters for sale on their website, but i’m still trying to think ‘outside the box’. hehe

  • I saw a segment on the Today about these a little while back. Check their site/archives. Maybe you could find some more info there.

  • these are amazing! another idea is to do this same thing, but as a roof. you could easily turn your chicken coop roof into a living roof! I would love to do this too…so cool.

    • oh jen, what a beautiful idea! i’ve heard of businesses turning their rooftops into gardens for eco purposes, but never thought about implementing it at home! you just seriously gave me a new thinking cap to wear.

  • Wow those look really cool. I haven’t found my niche and still have a terrible time keeping plants alive horizontally. I wonder if plants like to grow vertically?

    • @swiss: haha, maybe growing vertically will green up your thumb! apparently these succulents and air plants don’t mind growing vertical!

  • Vertical gardens are my absolute idea of heaven. Full walls of greenery, plump and lush, ahh, swoooooooon.

  • They’re amazing, although my question is – how do you water them and how do they not fall down (the succulent ones)

    • clare- i agree, i’m not sure how it works? maybe using a spray bottle? that would be a good question for the found over on their website. let us know if you find anything out!

  • Wow! i’m in love with those, specially the first one!! they’re completely gorgeous. Need one…
    Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

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