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when i found this lovely post over at melissa loves this morning, i couldn't help but be inspired by artist, rolo.  i hope you enjoy my collection of rich and indulgent color finds!

{cuéntame sobre el mar (al que alguna vez llamaste hogar)}

column 1 :: aspirations, the satine dress, royal purple and lime green serving bowl, spin mixed media

column 2 :: needle felted white raining cloud, brooklyn's many colors painted vintage jar, double asian waves necklace, poolside... 1 pomagran- it, unisex polaroid hoody

column 3 :: vintage hollywood glamour birdcage veil, 15 may 10, effervescence, queen of the night 2, fine art carnival photo


  • love it!
    my favorite, the fine art carnival photo!
    and, the pom…really into those lately!

  • I love the purple and teal combination! Beautiful collection!

  • i know! if only everything could make me as happy as poms and pennants do…

  • I love this hun! So glad you felt inspired by Rolo, and poms and pennants make me happy too! :) Thanks sweetie for the lovely link love…

  • Beautiful…I love the rich colors :) :) :)

  • Love them all!!

  • This makes me want to fingerpaint…which logically sounds silly, but I love the idea of manipulating color with my bare hands. Love!

    I also adore your new site layout!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog layout :)

    and this collection of color is so vibrant and wonderful! the purple’s are so awesome! i love that painted jar!!!

  • Hello Bonnie

    Thank you so much for the use of my work.

    This makes me so happy. You’re always welcome in my little gallery.


    Rodrigo “Rolo”

  • oh, yes, pennants too!
    have you sewn any?! I just found one the other day made of vintage linens that I love!

  • Amazing colour! Thank you for including me!

  • I love your inspirational finds, what unique creations.
    I enjoyed every minute of painting “Effervescence” which has allowed a happiness to shine through for others to see.
    Thanks for the extra attention.

  • The little rainy cloud and that gorgeous tulip are my faves :)

  • wow..gorgeous finds!!!
    the little cloud is wonderful ;D

  • Very nice collection :D I love those colors :)

  • Very nice collection. Love how you placed them on your blog. Thanks for including Spin!

  • wow this colors are stunning!! thank you for the feature!!what a beautiful blog full of inspiration!!

  • This is such a joy to look at! Colours are gorgeous. Thanks for including one of my Daily Foto’s too :)

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