another snowy weekend

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happy monday!  i had big plans this weekend of working on a project to share with you all, but alas, a winter storm came and with it, all my plans went! so, here's what we did this weekend, and i have to say, it was so much fun!

we're laying one on top of the other here (just like in the video below)- this was the longest sled ride i've ever done!  and yes, i say

"oo don't let us topple!"- who says that?

in addition to our hiking and sledding adventures, david got me a sweet card, some 70% cocoa chocolate (yum!) and a gift certificate to go shopping at my favorite health food store, room full of nuts.  haha! it might sound funny, but only he would know that grocery shopping at this place would be the best gift ever!  and, they've got great bubble bath, so we're off to pick some out together today. ;)


welp, i'm off now to work on what i was trying to get done all weekend!  how was your valentine's weekend?


  • That sled ride made me giggle as well. Looks as if Toaster had just as much fun Bon!

  • What fun! Who was filming the ride, you or David?

  • what a riot – love it! i wish there was a place to sled where I am…honestly cannot think of a place not covered w/trees! love that part where you caught the dog running alongside of you, too cute!

  • You two are completely adorable! “Topple!” Love it!

  • Aw it looks like you had a blast with the snow! We received a dumping as well in Philadelphia and it’s snowing again right now! I am in heaven :)

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