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apron collage

i always feel a bit funny posting about myself, ha!  but, i just finished my latest batch of aprons, and i'm too excited not to share them with you!  they are all reversible and full of spring goodness.  i just love the color palette of them all together.

i had tons of fun making them, i love picking out the fabrics and deciding what to put on each of them.  this time, i was racing against the sunset to get my photos taken.  at 4:45 both of my cameras had died, and yes, somehow i couldn't find either charger! what?!  so, i ran to my mom's house, grabbed her camera and got the last of them taken, just before it got too dark.  ah!

oh, and here's a valentine's day apron that i just couldn't fit into the collage!


on a slightly different note, have i mentioned how much i love to go antiquing? i couldn't think of anything more fun to do on a day off! but, i usually come across these lovely finds and never know what to do with them.  so, in addition to my vintage frames at old renewed, i've decided to add vintage finds as well!

this little guy came to me this week, and i thought he was perfect for valentines day! he's a little mouse-y bank! i'll be adding more vintage finds as i can, so stay tuned if your a vintage junkie like me!

i hope you enjoy! xoxo, bonnie


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  • They are wonderful! :)

  • I love that aprons are making a comeback! Now we just need more full, flouncy skirts and “cocktail hours” to comeback too! (or is that maybe because I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately…?)

    Also, I just found a Great vintage etsy shop–High Street Market ( that I think you’d love! The owner, Kelly, manages to give old things a very modern feel.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Stephanie of Deviantly Domesticated

    • thanks stephanie! and, i too am in favor of flouncy skirts and cocktail hour!!

      oo love high street market. can’t wait to explore it more- thank you so much for thinking of me!!

  • Post away about yourself…these are so fun! Can’t even pick a favorite. :)

    And Stephanie, I’m all for a cocktail hour come back!

  • just lovely Bonnie!!

    and…you chat about your own shops so rarely that I am always excited to see what you have to say or show us :)

    • jes and catherine- haha, ok! you make me feel a lot better about it. :) smooches!

  • by the way…love that photo of the mouse bank!

  • I love that your aprons go all the way up. I’ve seen a lot of cute ones lately, but they are all tie-around-the-waist numbers. I’m way too messy to not cover up my top half. They look super-cute!

  • Those aprons are just too cute! Hope I will sell mine quickly, so I can order new ones ;-)

    Keep up the good work, and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Love the aprons! I too wish more things from the Mad Men era would come back into style!

  • You’re welcome! I just found high street myself this past week, and think she has great style! And yes–I’m obsessed with the idea of cocktail hour, including the vintage updo’s and fun dresses. Too bad I usually end up eating dinner sans liquor on the sofa in blue jeans…. I think I was meant for another era…

    • stephanie- haha, i think i was meant for a different era! i’m so nastalgic to a time i never lived in!

  • Just fabulous Bonnie! The new aprons look amazing!

  • Bonnie, your aprons are adorable… such pretty Spring colours and prints! I hope you had as much fun making them as I’m having choosing a favourite!

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