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please welcome, guest poster: wolf and willow

Hello darlings! My name is Nancy. I just popped over from Wolf and Willow to borrow a cup of sugar. That is, my dear friend Bonnie has kindly invited me to write a little guest post for you all, and I’m tickled pink! They always say “write what you know” so today, I’d like to introduce you to some beautiful, talented ladies from my hometown, Melbourne. I’ve asked each one what makes them laugh when creating.

Have You Met Miss Jones

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Ceramic artist, Jennifer, from Have You Met Miss Jones, says it’s the expressions on the faces of all the animals that she designs that really makes her laugh. “It's really important to get the facial expression just right” she says, “me and my mould maker always laugh over trying to think of what an owl or a squirrel may be thinking at that moment!”

Ink & Spindle

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The girls over at Ink & Spindle had a good old giggle trying to answer my question, and say their immediate response was "my business partner's dorky behaviour". In this funky little textile studio, it seems there’s always something to laugh about, whether it’s singing out of tune, bad dancing around the printing table or a neighbour’s mid-afternoon sweet tooth. It’s so inspiring to hear how much these two artists love their job. Keep on smiling girls!

Your browser may not support display of this image.Gracia & Louise

Visual artists Gracia & Louise are constantly blowing me away with their creativity and passion! I’ve often enjoyed the quiet, quizzical sense of humour in their artists’ books, prints and zines, so it’s no surprise to hear that caffeine, cocoa and laughter are three constants in their day. Gracia says, “collaboration throws up the unexpected, and what’s not to like about that?”

Thanks so much for having me, Bonnie. I’ve really enjoyed bringing you this little post all the way from Australia!



  • Thanks for having me, Bonnie. It was a pleasure to bring you some of my favourite crafty Australians. I hope your readers have enjoyed it x

  • what a beautiful guest post with a ton of inspiration!

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