feeling a bit like an arctic rabbit

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well, the arctic weather is upon us! though i'm sure we'll have much colder weather over the next few months, this is the first time that it feels like november.  there's a 50% chance of snow tomorrow {squeal!} with a high of 31°F and the rest of the week isn't looking much warmer.  so it's time to get the boots out! you know, the ones with the fur?

These arctic animals from baby animals include:

1. an arctic rabbit

2. a polar bear

3. a caribou (or reindeer)

4. a narwhal

5. a lemming

note: i know we know each other much to well to be discussing the weather, but you see, the hub has been telling me for weeks that i can make soup on the first day it snows (let's just say it's not his favorite dish). so snow means soup and soup means warm hands and cozy evenings.

anyways, i'm feeling a bit like the arctic rabbit, as no matter how many furry things i put on, i'm still cold. how about you- what animal do you liken yourself to today?


  • oooh, what soup will you make first?!

    I’ve done a few already this fall…asparagus cheese (with asparagus I froze from the summer!), minestrone, and sausage spinach! I *love* soup!! The hubby could take it or leave it…I am NOT letting him know about the “first snowfall” rule :)

    • oo, i’m not sure!! so many options… maybe some hearty potato? do you have the aspargus recipe? yum!

      yes, better not to tell the hubby! lol. i do have to admit, we’ve had chili once, with no complaints. he’s usually just happy for a warm meal! but i know he doesn’t like soup- i think it’s the mushy-ness? not sure, b/c i couldn’t imagine it!

  • Awww, those little fingers puppets are so cute. :) M Mum & I have already made soup a few times – at this first cold breeze, we are warming up the pots, haha

    Today, I’d have to say that I feel a bit like a mouse, scurrying in a number of directions but trying not to feel overwhelmed by all the big things I have coming up.

  • Hmm, unfortunately I think I’m coming down with something so I totally feel like a hibernating bear … I just want to crawl into a hole somewhere, curl up and sleep forever :P

    And talking about soup! One of our “go to” recipes is Tortellini in Broth. You heat a carton of chicken broth over medium heat and add 2 tablespoons basil pesto (homemade if you have it), a few crushed garlic cloves and a few shakes of red pepper flakes. Cook a package of tortellini separately, divvy up the pasta in bowls and pour the broth over top. Grate some parmesan cheese over top and voila – An easy tasty dinner!

  • Thats okay Bonnie, my Grandma and I know each other very well and she talks to me about the weather every day!

  • I saw those finger puppet creatures yesterday also! they are adorable. my husband surprised me with a 15 bean soup that he added locally produced ground beef to, along with herbs from the garden. to top it off, he also baked his homemade corn bread!!! delicious dinner to come home to!

  • oh YUM everyone!!

    sasha, i feel like a hibernating bear as well- it’s just that time of year! and also, i am DEFINATELY making that soup! i think i will pair it with these crackers: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Sea-Salt-and-Pepper-Crackers-239288


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