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have you all been reading young house love?  if you're looking for design, decor, diy projects and home renovation, this blog is loaded with inspiring projects, useful information and tons of the 'can-do' spirit!

pssst! you might want to tune in to ace of base's 'the sign' to continue with this post!

from gathered inspiration from a recent NYC trip...

the lovely sherry & john whipped these two signs up right on there home computer.  that's right- and just printed them from their home printer on regular ol' paper.

after some magic aging techniques and mod podge.. (check this post for step by step instructions).


voila!  two beautiful, chic, diy and totally affordable art pieces!


if you want to check out more of young house love's delicious diy's- visit a few of their other homemade art projects: making a magazine monogram, whipping up custom pet art, making free inspiration art, using chalk for freehand wall decor, painting pop art over old art, and creating a bunch of other cheap wall art.

have a lovely weekend!  xoxo, bonnie


  • NICE! I love this style… so chic and modern with vintage all rolled into one!

    ~ Kristen

  • I was thinking the exact same thing as Kristin–I love how it’s modern and vitage at the same time. What a simple idea and a lovely outcome. Love it!!

  • Hello, I’m from Northern Ireland and I was wondering if your Modge Podge is our PVA glue?? I’ve never heard of modge podge before.

    • hi carrie! thanks for asking! i think that it is the same! this is what i found:

      “Mod podge is the brand name for PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate, the base of white craft glue) gel medium, specially formulated for use in decoupaging. It is available in gloss or matte finish, as well as an acid-free version.”

      another definition:

      so i think you can use anything that will dry firm and clear. as long as you can brush it on, let it dry, and then have a solid finished product. does that help/make sense?

      how’s the weather in northern ireland?
      xoxo, bonnie

  • Yep, that sounds right then, glad to get that first little hurdle out of the way.
    The weather in Northern Ireland??? Well we have 4 types, cold; cold and windy; cold and rainy, and cold with rain and wind. At the minute (it’s 6.51am) it’s merely cold – happy days.
    I sent you a private e-mail a moment ago I hope that was okay.

  • Very nice! I love those.

    • hi amy! wow, what a perfect blog! i love it. :)

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