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inspiration: frolic by kyracee

pink finds

1st row: the sugar sugar babydoll shorty dress, pink and white hydrangea pillow, tiniest tulip studs

2nd row: lilou a pink and green blossom comb, message robot gray pink, bouquet, tufts, falkland wool

3rd row: pretty in pink vintage samsonite train case, pink milk star flower post earrings, bright pink leather travel purse

4th row: corinne- light grey french style beret, a catch, salmon pink top with shawl collar


  • absolutely lovely finds! Thank you for featuring my pink milk earrings. what a fantastic blog you have!

  • gorgeous! nice to see Ashli on here :) soft pink & gray are fantastic, I love them together.

  • I love this color! what a beautiful finds.

    Thanks for featuring my salmon pink top :)

  • Great inspiration, love those pinks and corals. the combination of old and new and i’m a great fan of MyLola..

  • who would have thought two little robots could be so cute!?!

    I love when you do the inspiration picks!

    • jes, i know! i kept going back to that picture, i loved it so much! hehe

  • Great collection!

  • So lovely! Your blog is gorgeous and so inspiring!! Thankyou for featuring my leather travel purse x

  • Beautiful picks!
    I especially like the salmon pink top with shawl collar,
    looks so pretty and practical.

  • Wonderful collection !!
    Love the salmon pink top with shawl collar !!

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