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do you remember pins + paper? the lovely kristin hodges has offered to give away one of her beautiful cd folios! what better way to start your monday?

pins + paper cd folio!

to enter:

visit paper + pins, pick out your favorite item(s) and come back here to leave a separate comment for each item(s) you like and why.  you may leave as many comments as you like, increasing your chances of winning!

to add to your chances, you may also leave a comment for each time you blog, twitter or facebook about the giveaway.  just direct them to this post, and let us know when and where you helped spread the word by leaving us a comment about it with the link!

the nitty gritty:

giveaway winner will be chosen by a using a random number generator.  you'll have until 12:00 midnight est on sunday (2/7) and the winner will be announced on monday, 2/8.  you'll have 24 hours to respond and claim your prize, and will then be able to specifiy which cd folio you would like!

have fun!


  • how do you pick just one?! all of her items are so beautiful with those gorgeous AMH fabrics.

    I guess I’m most in need of the wrist support, but i’m also in the love with that mini portfolio :)

  • I love the “grab and go tote”!!!!!!!

  • I just simply love the CD cases! They would be fantastic to keep my backup files in! BEAUTIFUL! I love the bright beautiful inspiring colors!

  • Picking one thing is hard, but I’d say it’s a toss up between the cd case and the grab and go tote – how great would that be for sewing supplies for classes!

  • I have to agree with everyone else – you can’t just pick one! :) I love the grab and go tote. I always have a ton of stuff to bring with me, and I love lots of big open pockets to make things easier. Also like the wrist supports – so cute and scented too! Yay! I really like the yo-yo magnets too, and the binders, and everything!!

    • hi everyone! just a quick reminder, that you don’t have to pick just one! i’m glad you are all having trouble picking a favorite, but feel free to pick as many as you like and leave a separate comment for each of them!

  • the reusable envelope organizer is my fav.! What a perfect solution for clutter.

  • oh, but I also just saw the “grab and go tote”, now that’s my fav!!

  • Love all of them! What I NEED in my life is the 3 fabric magnets. So cute! May just have to purchase them anyway!

  • The grab and go tote is great. Would be perfect for going back and forth between work and home! Especially that grey colored fabric.

  • I love the Festival Zinnia CD folio! Beautiful colors!

  • i love the binder!!!i always carry in my bag papers that i might need during the day or even during the week, this well designed and colorful binder would just make my day , even if it is to open it for a bill!!!

  • I ADORE the wrist support… Cinnamon is not a popular/common scent in Australia :( but it is my favourite!
    Unfortunately if I order one of these customs would keep it.

  • Love the magnetic clips! I have papers on my fridge held up by magnetics, but would love to have them all clipped together rather than separately. Those would allow me to do that! Fabulous shop!

  • I’m loving the mini-binder, too! It would inspire me to organize!

  • I’m a yo-yo fan so I think the magnets are delightful!

  • Thank you for introducing me to Kristin’s site. What beautiful fabric she uses. I really like the plaid geranium CD Folio – I think it would be thoughtful gift with a mix CD inserted for a friend who needs a pick me up, etc. It would be so hard to give away though!

  • …so if I wasn’t going to be giving away one of paper & pins as a gift – I would so want to keep the Grab & Go Tote all to myself! Look at all those pockets….

  • Oh my goodness, I’ll be here all day commenting – – so many beautiful fabrics!

    I love: CD Folio, Tablecloth Rose

    I’ve been dropping hints to my husband that I need cd storage and I love how this includes yellow (I’ve been meaning to try yellow more!).

  • The CUSTOM Reusable Envelope Organizer is a wonderful idea. I’m a bigtime receipt stuffer & often find a whole collection in the bottom of my bag. Plus, I LOVE getting to pick my own fabric!

  • Also love the Custom Grab and Go Tote…because I love picking my own fabric and also can’t get enough pockets! It would be great to have one of these in the Summer when the boys and I run around town. :)

  • The YoYo Magnets Set of 4, Neptune Coral would match my studio redo PERFECTLY…and so I think they’re fabulous!

  • These Magnetic Clips, Set of 3: Yellow Paisley are SO creative! I love that they look sturdy & are colorful without being loud. The only other fabric covered magnets I’ve seen look like buttons, so it’s fun to see something different.

  • I feel madly, deeply in love IMMEDIATELY when I saw the folio in “Centerpiece Olive” – – so bright & pretty. I think it’s my favorite thing!

  • While I’m on the folio loving kick…I really like how “Mingling Ice” is so simple but so fun and colorful. Great ribbon color choice.

  • Ohhh! The CD Folio in Sparrows Dark Green is lovely!

  • I also really like the “Fresh Poppies Rose” folio & can totally see it in my vehicle…adding fun, girly color. :)

  • Plaid Geranium is definitely my favorite with those hot, retro colors; any of these would make great gift packages with personal DVDs or CDs!

  • I love the custom therapeutic body mat!

  • I LOVE the Custom Grab and Go tote!

  • the fourth cd portfolio is suuuuuuper ca-ute!!

  • I love this:

    a key chain wristlet! brilliant. I really need one!

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