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i love coffee. in fact, i'm sipping on my second cup right now.  and, i have to admit, i'm a sugar and cream kinda a gal.  the hub won't touch my coffee as he thinks it's nothing but a blob of sugary goo.  i've tried to drink it black, but i just can't. you know i've been reading those beekeeping books?  there's a point to this, i promise.

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for now, i think the only think i got out of those (extremely) interesting books, is how good honey is for you!  i knew honey was healthy and that local honey would help your allergies but i had no idea that it had so many 'healing' properties.  there are all these studies showing how traditional beekeepers never get diseases like arthritis and the like, and they think it's because of the honey and the bee's stings.  i'm not saying go out and get stung (lol) but i am saying you should try to eat more honey!

for 1000's of years honey has been used to help everything from skin conditions to digestion issues to diabetes and high cholesterol.  so, i thought i should get on this!

here's what i learned:

- their are hundreds of health benefits to eating honey (here's a start: honey)

- honey naturally contains so many vitamins and minerals!  niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid (b vitamins), calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  whoa!

- you should always buy local honey, especially to help relieve your allergies.

- buying organic honey is important!  many beekeepers put antibiotics in the bee's water supply, which end up in the honey.  go organic!

- the darker the honey the more antioxidants it has.

so, what's my point?  well, i've started using honey in my coffee instead of sugar.  and, it's *delicious!!

how do you drink your coffee?

p.s. since i've recently been converted to the amazing wonderfulness of honey, you might find me ranting about it even more with some beauty and food recipes. stay tuned!


  • I just recently discovered Whey Protien Powder. I am obsessed with iced coffee. Unfortunately, like yourself, I love the sweet coffee. Now I freeze coffee into ice pop molds, put it in a blender with some low fat milk and add a scoop of the Whey powder. It is scrumptious!

    • hi amy! wow, nice approach! i’ll have to try that one!! (bet it would be good with a splash of honey, too!)

  • Oh, how interesting! I don’t know why I’ve never tried honey in coffee, because I do use it in tea! I’m a total coffee hound too…will definitely try this out!

  • Last spring I got really into using local honey in my coffee each morning, in an attempt to help relieve my allergies. At some point we ran out of honey, I forgot to go to the farmer’s market for more and I’ve gone back to raw sugar. The allergies are flaring up again something fierce though! I was actually just recommending local honey to my best friend last night… I need to take my own advice!

  • So glad you posted this! I love honey along with cinnamon!! I put both in my coffee, in my tea, in my oatmeal, on my toast… I go crazy with it and feel great all time!!

  • my kids LOVE to eat toast and honey for breakfast! I had no clue that it helped with allergies! I should definitely start eating more if that’s the case!

  • Hooray! How I love honey…I look forward to reading about other recipes, tricks and tips for honey-related health.

    I love the idea of drinking italian coffee (the funky coffeepot in the drawing) but I find it too thick and bitter. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I like my drip coffee good and strong and a medium roast, with a spoon and a half of sugar and a splash of soycream – but soymilk is good too. I used to drink my coffee with loads of sugar, but at some point (probably grad school) I just wanted the caffeine, and then I got used to it without the sugar rush.


  • I had no idea there were so many health benefits to honey! Perhaps using honey instead of sugar will help minimize the guilt I feel for drinking so many sugary teas & espressos each day ;)

  • our family loves honey. my fathers’ uncle has his own beehives and we always get it from him. meaning that every time that somebody comes from greece brings over at least two 5 pounders of his honey! and we started giving it to our kids as well after each one was over one years old. now they love it too. its a good “substitute” sometimes , when they are looking for candy!
    never tried it in coffee though!

  • I love coffee, too (and honey)! :-) I’m also a little-bit-of-coffee-with-my-cream-and-sugar kind of gal.

    And honey? Yum! So many different kinds- clover, lavender, wildflower…a near endless selection. My friends and I love to have wine and cheese nights, and we dip our cheese in honey (so tasty- I highly recommend this). And I always buy organic (and local, if I can). Lately I’ve been on a hot tea kick, too, and honey is an excellent sweetener for hot tea.

    Speaking of sweeteners, has anyone tried Agave Nectar as an alternative to sugar? I recently tried it and really liked it.

    • @christie: yum-o! cheese and honey sounds so wonderful! and yes! i’ve tried agave nectar and really like it! in fact, used in a brownie recipe just this week, it’s so goood.

      @eva: is it ok that i’m jealous? 10lbs of honey from greece sounds amazing!

  • I love my morning coffee too and have to have a little cream + sugar in there. But, since I got preggo I’ve stopped using sweetners and use honey instead. It’s delicious and I’m so glad to know it’s good for ya too! I am spreading the word – cheers!

    • @carolina postcard: oh, congratulations!! i’m sure baby is enjoying the honey, too. :)

      @daisy: true, i don’t love italian coffee, but i am addicted to my french press. when we moved we only brought our (never-used) french press with us for the first few months. needless to say, we never stopped using it! and, soycream is delicious! i’ve been using vanilla almond milk recently, it’s really yummy too!

  • i can sent you over some to try if you want! ;)
    let me know!i’m sure you will see the difference!

    • hi eva! oh my, i could never ask you to do that! i’m sure it’s like gold, haha! thank you so much though, you are so sweet!

  • I am lucky enough to have a bee maker right across the street and he is actually making me a gallon with the honeycomb in it this week. One thing is yes to buy local and organic, some on the shelves at the reg grocery stores have been heated at such high temps it takes the qualities you need out of it. Same with vinegar, do your research on vinegar on thr bragg vinegar site.

    • hello, cry! how lucky indeed! thank you so much for sharing your insight, we will all be sure to do our homework. would you happen to know what temp we should be looking for when buying?

  • Coconut milk, almond milk, or a big ol’ scoop of vanilla ice cream. :)

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