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good morning monday!  how was your weekend? mine was quiet and relatively uneventful, so i feel ready and relaxed for the week- a nice change!

crazy sheep picture

bling bling by wild goose chase

this picture just gave me a good laugh.  it did quite a lot for lightening my mood, so i couldn't say no to sharing it with you. i love everything about it!  i can see myself touching the curls on her chest and running my fingers down her forehead.  we've become quite good friends.  here is my attempted translation of this beaut!

brown, pink and green handmade finds

clockwise :: celery paper pom, 1980's .vintage. sunglasses, 12 organic crocheted beads, doll print, seedling starter newspaper pots, glass bee catcher, dos a dos, crochet stocking


  • Hi Bonnie, thanks for the mention! Your blog is lovely : )
    I will be back to visit again!

    Lyndsay @ Gracious Paper

  • Thank you so much for the mention. You really do have a beautiful site! Would you mind if I added the RSS feed to our site at

    • hi angelina! it’s nice to meet you! yes, i would be delighted fro you to add me. :)

  • Such an amazing blog! Thank you for feauturing my all natural crocheted beads here! :)

  • LOVE the bee catcher with blooms!

  • What a SUPER FUN post……..that sheep has some MAD style!

    thanks SOOOOOO much bonnie for including my vintage sunglasses!


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