my week at the beach

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happy friday darlings!  i can't believe it's here already, and my vacation at the beach is about to come to an end!  it's been so beautiful here and i feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  i've so enjoyed writing to you everyday on our balcony with the waves in sight and wind in my hair!  i managed to snap some pictures this week, so here's my 'week at the beach' roundup!











{all photos :: bonnie forkner}

how was your week? xox, bonnie


  • Oh, I’m jealous of those sunsets. It’s been such a cold May here that I’m still wearing gloves on my bike ride to work everyday. Very much craving some summer sun.

  • Simply gorgeous Bonnie!

  • I’ve had the flu all week and been in bed :( Beautiful photos I neeedd to see sunshine, to remember it exists as the rain pelts my window once again…

  • Wonderful shots! Looks like you had a peaceful time.

  • alas! the foot photo collage! love it :)

    thank you for sharing your pics – love how you made the viewfinder photo look aged…and of course the lovely water shots, aahhh!

  • I want my next week to be like yours…oh, that water has me daydreaming.

    Love the feet pics – – I’m obsessed with snapping pictures of my toes on vacation too. :)

  • Looks like a wonderfully relaxing time. Love your pics!

  • Where did you go on vacay? These gorgeous pics remind me of Myrtle Beach. Wherever you are, it looks lovely!

  • Looks wonderful Bonnie. I am a beach lover for sure. Great photos and cute sandals!

  • Looks perfect!

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