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happy monday!  did you have a good weekend?  we sure did, the weather was about sixty all weekend, what a nice treat!  i even got to snag a nap in the sunshine. :)

workingclockwise :: do you have the time?, set of 3 large grid notepads, butterfly daughter garland, curio cups wheel, the quite bird print, glowing forest

we traveled to greenville, south carolina for the first weekend of david's spring cycling races.  we'll be traveling all over the southeast for the majority of the weekends to come over the next few months.

i love the feeling i get when these races start up- to me, they mean lots of road trips, sunshine and sitting in the grass with a good book.  i've already scoped out a few books i want to read- less is more and the backyard homestead.  have you read or heard anything about either of these?

what books are you reading?


  • Oh the backyard homestead is such an amazing book! We are currently in the process of turning our backyard into an edible one and that book has come in handy several times! It also gives great tips on raising livestock, chickens…etc.

    • hey caitlin! great news to hear, i’m glad to have a personal reference! it should be arriving tomorrow, i can’t wait. ;)

  • Bonnie,

    What a small world, I went to school at Furman in Greenville. I really need to go back and visit, the downtown area is just gorgeous. Love the collage of photos.

    See you in class!

    • hi bridgett! aw, it is a small world! we love to visit greenville, and the food is always amazing!

  • ooh, I’ll have to check on those two books – a group of us ladies (3 in all) get together once a year for a weekend to eat wonderful food, do something fun (last year we took a dance class to learn the “moves” to Thriller!) and talk about food (organic, natural, earthy, local…) the entire time…(I really mean ENTIRE)!

    right now I am reading Committed (by Elizabeth Gilbert) – just couldn’t put down Eat, Pray, Love – excited to “catch-up” with her life following…and loving the sociological reflections regarding marriage!

    • hi jes! oo, that group sounds like so. much. fun.! how wonderful a resource to have! do youl ike committed? i want to read eat, pray love as well, and also really love animal, vegetable, miracle. have you read it?

  • Inspiring, thanks Bonnie :) I’m not really reading any books right now, as I spend every “free” moment on Etsy improving (I hope!) my site, stuff, and schwag. But… there is a book titled “Potatoes, not Prozac” on my shelf that I pick up from time to time, about diet choices that can help your brain function correctly, at its healthiest potential. Basically, it replaces medication with foods, which is really interesting! Kind of an all-natural approach to mental health. :) We could all use more of that!

    If you haven’t read them yet, The Alchemist and Siddhartha are two INCREDIBLE reads, and should definitely be read one after the other. I was inspired to write a college-type comparative essay on the two books after I read them, and I haven’t been in school for years! :)

  • Hi Bonnie! Thanks so much for featuring my Quiet Bird print! I’m so glad you liked Greenville–I was born and raised here, and I absolutely love living in G-Vegas! I’m also a Furman grad (’05 baby!).

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for featuring our grid notepads, Bonnie!

    I’m glad you got to come visit Greenville! If you didn’t get to spend much time downtown, make sure you plan to next time you’re here!

  • Hey Bonnie!

    Thank you so much for featuring my lithograph of the clock in this post! That makes me feel very honored! Greenville is an amazing place to live. We love it!

    This is my first time stopping by your site, but it won’t be my last. Very lovely and inspiring! As a fine artist, I need as much creative juice as I can find! Your blog seems to be full of it! Thank you for sharing!


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