victoria klein’s 27 things to know about yoga

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victoria klein 27 things to know about yoga

well, one of my favorite gals has done it again!  after being published in magazines such as yoga journal,CRAFT and ready made, victoria klein has written her first book!  27 things to know about yoga debuted yesterday, and is now available for purchase.  after practicing yoga herself for almost a decade, victoria's new book is full of humor, facts and general know how about yoga.  with info regarding everything from proper equipment to the 7 limbs of yoga- there's something for everyone.  it's an easy read-in-a-day book that will help deepen your practice, clear up misconceptions and leave you ready for more.  visit victoria klein's website for more info and to learn more about her incredible work!


  • Thank you so much for a great review, Bonnie! It means a lot to know that you enjoyed the book, both personally & as a certified teacher. :D

  • Thanks for letting us know about the book. Will check it out. Anything that simplifies yoga and makes it relatable for me is awesome. I love yoga and need to do it more!
    Melissa :-)

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